Telling the truth about matter terrifies materialists

From Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on Samsun Aks TV and Ekintürk TV on October-7, 2009

ADNAN OKTAR: People will see that physical laws are something rather illusory. We’ll say they do exist, but are also a bit fantastical. Because Allah has no need of physical laws. Physical laws only exist for us to believe in various things, and to create a logic. That is why we say that gravity exists, that the wind bears helicopters along when they take off and come back. In practical terms these things are not too believable. Looking in practical terms. For example, I am speaking with an image in my brain, but say that you are sitting opposite me, 3 meters away. But that is not true. I can take my oath on that, it is not true. I would be lying to say the person in my brain is 3 meters away. According to vision, he is 3 meters away. We can say that this is how it appears because of the quality of the film. For instance, we watch a film on the TV at home, and there are cars in the background and people in the front. The cars may be 100-150 meters behind, but everything is on the same plane. The image forms on the same plane in people’s heads, so there is no variation, in other words. I am seeing you at this moment. That images forms in a very tiny space, no bigger than the tip of my pen. But you appear to me as a full-size woman. As a full-scale human being. But I am seeing you in a tiny space, I see you very large in my brain since I look at it from a close distance. You know how people returning from hajj have those tiny pictures on their prayer beads, the ones we used to look at as children? They also looked very large. But they were in a tiny space. You could see a whole world in a very small space. That is how it is in the human brain. It all looks very large. For example, someone far away looks smaller, someone close, looks larger. Someone closer looks even larger. But it is as if they are all on photographic frames in the brain. You interpret that image as being very large. You interpret it like that according to the information on your brain, though it actually forms in a tiny space in your brain. Look, the cameramen can be seen this much over there. But that is how they appear in the brain, and that is all. This is really how they form in the brain. But when asked, we say no, there is actually a full-size human being 4 meters in front of us.

PRESENTER: And it is very interesting that we can see people in different size and with different profiles, some being tall and others short, some fat and others thin. And this is also very interesting.

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, for example, there is a bright light, but there is no light on the outside. In a book, it says “Physicists have been terrified finding out the reality of this. They say they have been terrified to realize it. They realized with a great fear. That is why they are not telling people about it very much.

PRESENTER: But why are they so reluctant to tell people about it?

ADNAN OKTAR: If you talk about this to someone busy enjoying himself in a nightclub it will ruin his whole evening and he will no longer be able to have any fun. Someone stands in front of his factory and says what a wonderful plant he has built. But the whole place is in a tiny space in his brain. He says he has all these factories, and a yacht over there and a Lamborghini in front of him. He says they are all there, but they actually all form in his brain. But they don’t want to hear that. Because it depresses them, and they regard it unpleasant. And there are a lot of people who don’t want to hear it. I used to tell my friends in the academy, during my time there. The leftists had threatened me, though the atmosphere was normally a free one. They told me not to tell them or anyone else about it. In other words, it is impossible for anyone to hear it and still remain a materialist. I dealt with the whole issue. There is no need even to mention Darwinism once you have told people about this. It paralyzes them. For instance, there was a friend of mine in the academy, Hasib, I still remember his name, and there is no harm in mentioning it. I told him, he understood and went bright red. Right to the roots of his hair. And he never spoke to me again. He understood at once. People then try to forget it, but they can’t. Wherever you go, it rises up before you. Once someone has learned it, he can never forget it. Even though there are ways of distracting oneself, such as listening to music or traveling. Or cracks up jokes. But it’s a major reality.

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