Darwinism has wrested love and affection from people's hearts


 (Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's live interview on Dem TV, October 16th, 2009)

ADNAN OKTARThe reason why we are opposed to the theory of evolution is that we see that it is this theory which lies at the root of communism, fascism and World Wars I and II. It also caused the blood of 350 million people to be shed, to almost a million being crippled, to millions of children being orphaned and, the worst of all, it caused the wresting of love and affection from the hearts of people. There is explicit proof of this. When we go out, nobody looks anyone else in the face. Wherever you go in the world, everyone looks down at the ground, and nobody has any expression of love, happiness or joy on their faces. Whereas there should be passion and love in people’s eyes, there should be the love of Allah. That emotion has been taken from people’s hearts. And that has therefore done great damage. Some people commit suicide and others turn to fighting. Even my dear brothers adopt such ideas as “why are we getting involved in such discussions?” or “how can a leftist talk to a rightist?” This is the disaster brought on us by Darwinism. However in truth, people of any opinion should be able to get in contact and talk to others holding different views, as they are still brothers.  That is how Allah created them, and they are free in their way of thinking. And we respect them in regard to their views. The damage that has been inflicted is very significant. Mao, for example, says that Darwinism and the theory of evolution lie at the root of the foundation of Chinese communism. He is quite explicit. It can be found in Trotsky’s statements, and in those of Lenin, Mussolini and Hitler. They all base themselves on Darwin. In other words, it [Darwinism] inflicted the most terrible damage on the world and led to the spread of atheism. In those respects I, as a Muslim, am of course opposed to Darwinism. 

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