All Christians will become Muslims when the Prophet Jesus returns (as)



ADNAN OKTAR: He will be the leader of the Christian world and will draw them all to Islam by saying that he is a Muslim. He will say that he is their prophet, but he is also a Muslim. Since you follow me you must follow my religion, too, he will say. Thus they will all become Muslims, in the End Times. This is one of the most astonishing events of the End Times. First there is the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as), second is the return of the Prophet Jesus (as), and third is the world dominion of Islam. These things will definitely happen this century.


ADNAN OKTAR: As you know, the Prophet Jesus (as) was originally Jewish. He changed the faith to Christianity. Now he will turn Christianity into Islam. The Prophet Jesus (as) will ask if people are devoted to him, and that he is their prophet, and that he abides by the Qur’an. So his followers should abide by the Qur’an, as well.

DENGE TV INTERVIEW (9 December 2009)

ADNAN OKTAR: We will await the return of the Prophet Jesus (as). When he returns people’s consciences will be eased. At the moment they fear they have committed an offense against the Prophet Jesus (as) and cannot rid themselves of that psychological concern.  But when the Prophet Jesus (as) speaks to them personally, their consciences will be eased. Look, I am your prophet, he will say, the Qur’an is true, the religion brought by the Prophet Muhammad (saas) is true, and we will all join this faith, I have joined and you must join, and the whole Christian world will be Muslim, he will say.  Allah says in a verse that by the time he dies there will not be a single member of the people of the Book, Christians and Jews, who does not believe in him.

EKIN TV 26 (January 2009)

ADNAN OKTAR: ...Said Nursi says; when Christianity and Islam are ready to unite” doubts will have arisen and Christians will be ready to decide to become Muslims. But they will also expect the Prophet Jesus (as) to give immediate confirmation of this. They will expect him to say “Yes, you must become Muslims; I am a Muslim and you must abide by the Qur’an.” Christians will be unwilling to make that move just in case they commit an offense against the Prophet Jesus (as). But they will be relieved when the Prophet Jesus (as) himself says that. 

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