Mr. Adnan Oktar explains Dr. Timothy Furnish the alliance of Christians and Muslims in the End Times

(Istanbul, December 14th, 2008)

TIMOTHY FURNISH: At one point you have written that; quote: "Setting up the Islamic Union will cause the danger of the clash of civilizations to disappear" which sounds like sort of what we are talking about here, but isn't there a sense in which an Islamic Union seems to foster the clash of civilizations by setting up particularly Islam in an Islamic Alliance, I guess against the Christian Alliance.
ADNAN OKTAR: The Islamic Union is not opposed to a Christian alliance. It is a union that allies itself with Christianity. Because we are talking of the coming of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will return in 10 or 15 years. Christians and Jews and Muslims are all awaiting him with great excitement. Jews are also awaiting the Messiah, but the Messiah we and Christians in particular are awaiting is the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). We are awaiting the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) together with the Christian world and experiencing the excitement of that. So how can they be diametrically opposed to us? We have a common love and expectation, we are awaiting the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). There will therefore be a complete alliance, and no division.

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