We will strive to ensure that the path for peace and goodness would be followed in the relations of Israel and Turkey

We will strive to ensure that the path for peace and goodness would be followed in the relations of Israel and Turkey

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated September 7th, 2011

ADNAN OKTAR: I will now have guests from Israel, and our people will now go to Israel. We will speak with Iran and with Israel too. We will meet with various members of the Israeli Parliament, and they will come here. We want the problem between Turkey and Israel to be resolved at once, in the best way. In such a friendly and brotherly way. We are naturally opposed to any escalation [of tension]. We will never accept that. In the same way we were friends in Ottoman times, and there was a friendly compassion in the sense of humane friendship in the time of our Prophet (saas) so there will be a humane friendship, humane compassion now as well . My statement was carried in the Israeli press yesterday. I said that relations between Jews and Muslims were very good in our Prophet’s (saas) day, and that we looked out for them in Ottoman times. I said that nothing will happen this time either, and it would all blow over. The Israeli papers covered that as an important story.
Do you have something to say to me?

MS.BETUL: No Astagfirullah.

ADNAN OKTAR: But of course we will not just sit back and watch. We never just sit back and watch. And we won’t wait till the last moment. We will do all in our power to make sure events take the path of peace, of goodness. Peace, anti-war stand, democracy, freedom, reason, science and the spirit of love and compassion must prevail, insha’Allah. You go on.

MS. BETUL: Astagfirullah. I would like to give the details of the news article published in Israel as you have just mentioned, I would like to to share the details with you. Arutz Sheva, the independent news site that publishes articles in English, in Hebrew, in French and in Russian, in Israel yesterday broadcasted the interview they have had with you. In this interview you say the following about the latest events taking place in between Israel and Turkey: "We have a very old friendship with Israel that extends to the times of our Prophet (saas) and this also is a tradition from the Ottoman times. The disagreements that occurred now are transient." In this article it has been stated that you are living in Istanbul and that you had hosted many times committees, in which there are participants from Israel at the level of Ministers, Master. Masha'Allah.  

ADNAN OKTAR: Masha'Allah. Now we have invited a committee from Israel. There are members of the Likud party and the Shas party and we are waiting for their arrival. And we also are going to go to Israel to meet with the parliament members of the Israeli parliament insha'Allah. We will strive to overcome this confusion, this unrest.
But our Master Mehmet Sevket Eygi had said an excellent thing; "all these troubles will be solved with one single word, one single sentence of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)." That blessed person would not have said this if he had not received a spiritual sign, a great glad tiding, a vision. There is something that he knows.. 

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