The Unity of Muslims brings peace to the world

The Unity of Muslims brings peace to the world

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated September 2nd, 2011

MS.BETUL:  Nuray Mert from Milliyet Daily stating that a troublesome concept named Islamic Peace Force had been brought up the agenda, asked ; "how can the Islamic countries be organized in coalesce and in whose name they will intervene a country and where will the legitimacy of such a formation will stem from?"

ADNAN OKTAR: There! See that they gradually started to understand what is what and what the solution is and that there should be a leader for such a union, that there needs to be an authority for that. Yes, what else does she say?

MS.BETUL: She had stated that the intervention of such a formation to the foreign countries in the name of preserving the interests of the Islamic world would mean to lay democracy completely aside and that it would bring the Islamic imperialism to the agenda.

ADNAN OKTAR: No, no, nothing of the kind may happen.

MS.BETUL: Insha'Allah.

ADNAN OKTAR: I mean peace, brotherhood, love, putting an end to the wars, wiping out the weapons from the face of this world, not shedding even a drop of blood, not even letting a person's nose to bleed.. that is the system of the Mahdi. Otherwise, saying that Muslims should unite and kick up a row; there is no such thing.. Allah would not let that anyway. Allah had opened the way for the system of the Mahdi. The destiny is opened according to that. In destiny some paths are closed and some are opened.  Only the path for the system of the Mahdi is open [in destiny].  Destiny has been designed to give way only to the system of the Mahdi. Even if they strive for it, nothing would happen in the other paths. Allah had closed the way for that. Only the path for the system of the Mahdi is open; there will be developments only on that path and if you pay attention you will see that it is happening. They've called it the Arabic Spring, in fact it was the Spring of the system of the Mahdi. As Bediuzzaman said; "you will come in a spring that resembles to that of the Heaven." Bediuzzaman explains this, he explains the incidents that they called the spring. He says this 70 years ago. He says; "You will come in a spring that resembles to that of the Heaven. We have hurried and came in winter but you will come in spring." And he addresses the bigot lot and says; "you the living corpses, you spooks" he uses a word similar to that "move away from the path of the Mahdi, away from the path of the system of the Mahdi. Move away from the path of the new generation, the Unity of Islam is coming." This is the way he expresses in brief. Destiny is closed at some points and open at some points. People cannot do this even if they wanted to. For instance an Islamic Union that would shed blood is not possible. It is impossible. But the way for the Unity of Islam that would enable the dominion of peace and brotherhood, love and friendship- that is the system of the Mahdi- is completely open. Why is it open? That is because this is an accomplished fact. I mean think about a video tape. We are at the beginning of that tape now but we will be watching the end of it a little later. A little time passes by, after an hour you come to the mids of it and after one and a half hour the tape will end. The end of the tape is in 1545[according to the hegira calendar]. In 1545 the tape will end, the Day of Judgment will come insha'Allah. Until 1506 there is the dominion of a lively, joyful and active Islam insha'Allah. 

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