Offering an apology is utterly reasonable for Israel; apologizing would not degrade or aggrieve Israel

Offering an apology is utterly reasonable for Israel; apologizing would not degrade or aggrieve Israel. 

Excerpt from from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV
dated September 5th, 2011

ADNAN OKTAR: Well, in fact, Israel can be convinced. I have invited some Knesset Members of Shas and Likud again to Turkey. I invited a committee made up of the prominent people of parties. They are making their preparations and will be coming in the upcoming days. Offering an apology is a reasonable act; it is a courtesy, a beauty. It is not something degrading, not something humiliating. It is very reasonable. Besides, indemnity is related both in Islam and in Judaism. Compensation is very reasonable. They [apology and indemnity] are both very reasonable because according to the tenets of Judaism, those they martyr are B'nai Noah [the followers of Prophet Noah (pbuh)], in other words Muslims. They are Islam. We are Muslims according to their creed as well; I mean according to the religion in Israel, we are not a nation of unbelievers. Because of their [Christians] belief in trinity, Jews consider Christians as idolaters and unbelievers. But because we believe in one Allah and  fully comply with all the tenets known as the principles of Noah, they consider us as Muslims, as believers. Consequently the incident which happened there -their martyrzing our brothers- is a crime according to Torah.  They have thus committed a crime there. And it is utterly reasonable to offer an apology for that. I mean that is a crime according to us, but of course they might not be considering it as a crime. I mean this is a matter of belief so we cannot be obstinate with each other about this. But their offering an apology for that act is an utterly reasonable act, I mean, there is nothing degrading, humiliating or aggrieving about it. And I believe that, this would happen, they would apologize and the indemnity would be paid. I believe that both would be offered. Why would it be degrading? What's it got to do with it? Insha'Allah.

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