Jews are in need of love and affection. The just thing is to show them love and affection and protect and watch over them. If the whole Islamic world were to embrace them, there would be no more problems with Israel.

Jews are in need of love and affection. The just thing is to show them love and affection and protect and watch over them. If the whole Islamic world were to embrace them, there would be no more problems with Israel.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated September 12th, 2011

ADNAN OKTAR: [A viewer's question is read out.] "Salamun alaikum Adnan Hodja. I believe that in the case of Islamic Union being established, we cannot think that Israel will happily turn a blind eye to that. Of course it will happen if Allah so wills, but will not Israel seek to prevent it? Israel is stubborn and determined in its objective. Will it not fight us to prevent the Islamic Union? Goodnight. I wish success for the staff of A9 TV."
No my brother, that is way off. These are people in need love and friendship. They have always been hated and belittled and degraded. They've been beaten and sworn at. If all Muslims, 1.5 billion people, show them affection and compassion and embrace them and say "we will protect and watch over you" and "you are as free as you please," then what more can they want? Are they crazy? Why should they do that?.  
Well if they do, that would be a whole different issue and we would of course respond to those who do; but such a thing is out of question. But the just thing is to show them affection. It is showing them affection and compassion, and to protect and watch over them. You talk about stones and wood saying, "There is a Jew behind me, kill him," don't you? What would happen then? Some psycho will say, "A voice came from a piece of stone and told me to kill a Jew." A five-year-old child, for example and he will go and murder him.  
Show me the pictures of these little sweet Jewish children.
He will go murder Jewish young girls, he will go and murder Jewish old men. "Because stone and wood told me to," he will say, "the Prophet told me." Nobody should heed such superstitions. Our Prophet (saas) would say no such thing. There cannot be any such command.
Now we will have a look at those pictures soon. Or show them now yes..
[Looking at the pictures of Jewish kids.]
Look how sweet and cute they are. They look like healthy little kittens. Filled with light and sweet as buttons. They all are very lovely. They are all like candies.

MS.BETUL: Yes, they are all very sweet, masha'Allah.

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes. How can anyone want to hurt them? Have fear of Allah. Right? That is a terrible sin, insha'Allah. They will say that stone told them to kill them. You stone headed one! If you are taking your orders from a stone, all that means is that you have a head of stone. If you take orders from wood then you have a head of wood. You should take your orders from the Qur'an and your conscience. How can one take orders from stone or wood? Look how devilish this is, what a devilish plan. It is such an insane statement intended to shed blood and cause murder. What wisdom should we see when our Prophet (saas) says such a thing?
Let us assume for a moment that the hadith is reliable. Stone and wood will give evil people away to neutralize them. Well, that is reasonable. For example, they will put hidden cameras in the stones and trees. That will identify the foe and you can defend yourself against them. But not against innocent people. Not against little children. Only against evil. If they are evil; The PKK, for instance.. They may be Jews or Christians, or the PKK, if they are cruel and bloodthirsty and want to shed blood, of course they must be stopped. A camera in stone will identify them and let people know; a camera inside wood, a tree, will identify them and issue a warning. Then people can defend themselves; but if you go round killing people who want peace, women and children who want to live in peace, just because stone and wood allegedly told you, then that is the act of a psychopath. But it is also a miracle, one of our Prophet's (saas) miracles. Indeed cameras can be placed in stones for defensive purposes. Cameras are placed in trees and are actually used for defense.  But people act defensive if they have to, if there is no other way. Otherwise one can never embark on such actions, insha'Allah.

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