It is impossible for the evolutionists to come up with an explanation for the formation of proteins

It is impossible for the evolutionists to come up with an explanation for the formation of proteins 

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV, Kanal Avrupa and Cay TV dated July 10th 2011 

ALTUĞ BERKER: Master, they have put on a painting in the Museum of Nevsehir that makes Darwinist propaganda. There was a news article about that.

ADNAN OKTAR: Let me see.

ALTUĞ BERKER: This is the painting; they have drawn from monkey to human calling it the emergence of the humankind, Master

ADNAN OKTAR: Why is that? I mean it can be monkeys following a man. Let us look at it with good intentions. Monkeys got used to a man. As he gives them food, so they follow him. Sometimes dogs chase people too, and the cats do that as well. Let us think it that way, insha'Allah.

Is this something that could be done with paintings? These are all vain attempts. We are just giving one single example. We are asking to the man; "my brother, my fellow friend, my dear how could a protein be formed?" And he says; "I don't know". We ask; "could this happen by coincidence?" He says; "It might." We ask "Is there a need for another protein for a protein molecule to be formed?" He says; "That is right." What does this mean? It means zero probability. It means finding an explanation for their existence other than Creation is impossible. Is there any need to explain the things in a long-winded way? The matter closes at this point. It ends right in proteins. It ends with the first starting brick, let alone the palace itself. We do not even go down to the palace. We close the matter right in the brick stage. That brick cannot be formed by coincidence, let alone a palace. They cannot even make an explanation for the brick of the palace. The formation of a protein molecule is clearly a miracle. They all say this in unanimity. See that Dawkins says "the aliens must have done this." Actually their stamped out long ago, however there is a weakness of faith in people, that is valid worldwide. This is what lies at the root of all troubles. For instance this is what lies at the root of Nur students falling apart. That is what lies at the root of some religious communities disappearing. The weakness in faith is also the reason why they are not active.  

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