The negative effect of Darwinism on economy

 The negative effect of Darwinism on economy

Excerpt from Live Interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar by Dem TV
[December 18, 2010]

ADNAN OKTAR: Religion gives one joy, happiness. It gives one the ambition and excitement of living. Otherwise people experience despair, sorrow, fear and lack of trust in Allah. As a result people suffer from spiritual and physical depression and even experience social collapse. For instance at the roots of the economic crisis lies again the prevailing attacks of atheist notion. This is also what scientists say about the origin of the economic crisis. They explain that the economic crisis arises from Darwinism.

PRESENTER: In your opinion, what kind of an effect does it have?

ADNAN OKTAR: Darwinism pushes people into nonchalance. That is into a kind of culture of opportunism. Everyone chases after his own interests. That is to say, noble notions such as country, nation, religion and faith remain to be the values that should be forgotten. Notions such as charitableness, self-sacrifice, the notion of being beneficial to one’s country and nation disappear and replaced by a more egoistic and selfish structure. Consequently there appears no improvement in economy or agriculture. Everyone gets into a pursuit of his own interests. That is why people withdraw their money, turn in upon themselves. Because they trust to no one their money becomes blocked. Only the thought of keeping oneself and his family alive remains. In such a case the society proceeds towards a collapse in the economic sense.

PRESENTER: Is its effect on economy only in the form of being indifferent?   
ADNAN OKTAR: There are many effects. First of all it encourages the greed for competition. People loose the notion of future because they think they, at any rate, will die and perish. They think that they will reduce into nothing. They believe that life has no meaning for them at all. So they try to only make the most of life. Consequently what they have in mind is to crush the heads of their competitors. The fact is however economy prospers not by crushing the competitors but by the prosper of one’s competitors. In other words in a system in which people oppress one another they do harm to one another and ultimately they both go bankrupt. Once two positives collide they both turn into negative.

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