May Allah protect all Muslims from the evils and strife of the hypocrites

May Allah protect all Muslims from the evils and strife of the hypocrites and May He give a formidable pain to the hearts of the hypocrites.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV and Gaziantep Olay TV dated July 12th, 2011 

ADNAN OKTAR: For instance, there are so many verses about the hypocrites in the Qur'an. That means that there will be hypocrites so that those verses could be lived and observed in this life and that Muslims could additionally benefit from that act of worship as well. For that reason Allah creates many hypocrites in every era; that is to ensure that those verses would be read, understood and seen how they would be realized in this life. If there had been no hypocrites around, how are we to show those examples? That would have been very difficult. Then we would only be able to give examples from the past but Allah gives examples from life as well. That is why we need to pray constantly for the great guides, great Auliyas. May Allah protect all Muslims, all devout ones from the evils and malice of the satan and hypocrites and the evil ones. May Allah give formidable suffering and pain to the hearts of all hypocrites. May Allah close their foresight and perception, may He silence them. May He petrify them. May Allah make them preoccupied with their own troubles, insha'Allah. May Allah give relief, contentment and goodness to the hearts of Muslims, May He increase their love for each other, may Allah grant them the honor of making an effort for the Unity of Islam with all their might. The Unity of Islam is the greatest fear of the hypocrites. That is the reason why they would not even want to mention it. May Almighty Allah grant us the Unity of Islam as soon as possible insha'Allah. 

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