İslam'da Zorlama Yoktur (English Subtitles)

There is no compulsion in Islam.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated July 25th, 2011

ADNAN OKTAR: There is no such thing to state that a Mason or a Templar cannot become a Muslim. That can happen. A communist can become a Muslim, a Christian can become a Muslim, a Jew can become a Muslim. There is no obstacle or screen for becoming a Muslim. We are drawing back those screens. Such a thing is not acceptable. But what is important is that no force would ever be applied for that, no compulsion is exerted. There is no compulsion in Islam. We do believe that Islam will prevail the world. For instance a Jew might say that Judaism would prevail the world, that would be his belief and we would respect that. A Christian might say Christianity would prevail, we would respect that as well.  A Mason might say Freemasonry will prevail. But we say that Islam will prevail according to our belief and here you see, Islam is prevailing the world. Is there any compulsion? No. Are there those who would want to use compulsion? Yes there is. The army of the Dajjal (anti-messiah) would want to use compulsion, they would attempt to make people Muslims by force. The army of the Mahdi (pbuh), the community of the Mahdi (pbuh), the students of the Mahdi- and our Turkey is the country of the Mahdi- is never on the side of using force. It will always be with love, compassion, with science and knowledge, with reason and with persuasion and suggestion. Those who want would accept and those who do not want would not. But we do believe that all Masons, all Jews, all Christians and all Templars would become Muslims. But I am repeating it once more; this will never be by the use of force. This is a belief. They too could have such beliefs, they are all free in their own faiths but the truths are out in the open.. Yes.. Calling one community profanes as a whole or saying that they are all immoral, irreligious, they cannot be Muslims, they should not be approached at all would be wrong. Anyone can become a Muslim, anyone can repent. The doors for that are open, the way for them are open. The way for guidance is open, one should pray to Allah. We will make Islam dominate the world without the use of force, with love and compassion, with science and knowledge, with art. The world would not be able to stand on without Islam anyway, the Day of Reckoning would come. I mean the world is bound to become Muslims, that is what Allah demands.

PRESENTER: Insha'Allah.              

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