Commands of religion should not be proposed to a person who does not have faith

Commands of religion should not be proposed to a person who does not have faith 

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated July 22nd, 2011

ADNAN OKTAR: A brother of ours has sent a letter to us. In his letter he usually talks about the commands of religion but the commands of religion should not be proposed to a person who does not have faith. For you to help people to the commands of religion, there should be a strong belief.. If a person has a profound love for Allah in his heart, a profound affection we name this "having faith". If one has faith; he should have fear of Allah; for that we should focus on facts leading to faith. Commands of religion -saying this is religiously forbidden- could only be proposed to people who are trained like this. But if you say "this is forbidden by religion, this is lawful by religion" to a person whose faith has not yet reached perfection, whose faith has not yet developed, you would be harming that person and it would be of no use. This is the method of old theological schools (madrasas), our brother, some of our brothers, want to go by the madrasa methods, by the methods of some old madrasas. In old madrasas, the community there was already faithful, so they were telling them about the lawful and unlawful acts by religion. But how could you talk about religiously lawful and unlawful things to a person who has no faith? How could you talk about those to a person who does not fear Allah? First there should be a very strong, strengthened faith. When one's faith strengthens then you would not need to explain anything to him, he would find them himself, he would learn about the lawful and unlawful acts. For that reason Bediuzzaman says; "Facts leading to faith are the most important matters." To strengthen the faith of people and enable them to have faith in the Existence and Oneness of Allah [is important].

Ms. BETUL: I would like to read an article about a fact leading to faith concerning red blood cells, insha'Allah. Red blood cells are the most common blood cells.  They have the task of carrying oxygen. They also carry carbon dioxide that accumulates in the tissues back to the heart. There are about 25 trillion red blood cells in our body. That is about hundreds of times more than the number of the stars in the Milky way galaxy. The number of the red blood cells in the human body is so high that every second about 3 million new red blood cells mix with blood every single second to replace the ones that die. 300 million hemoglobin settle into one red blood cell. If we contemplate them binding with each other successively the red blood cells could constitute 47 thousand kilometers high tower. A red blood cell which fulfills its life span in 4 months, makes about 75 thousand full circles in between lungs and other body tissues until it turns back to the bone marrow. 

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, these, for instance, are facts leading to faith. A person who knows these would think and start to understand the existence and Oneness of Allah, he would love Allah very much and fear Allah. Then he would comply with the commands of religion. That would be easy, but you look and see that these people do not want the Union of Islam, they do not want the Turkish Islamic Union, you see that they are very keen on matters that their lower selves take fancy. They instantly start saying, "is getting married not Sunnah?" They are either after the pleasures of their stomachs or of their ear. That is not acceptable. First comes [studies about] the Unity of Islam, the Turkish-Islamic Union and the facts leading to faith.. Once the Unity of Islam is established all will be solved anyway, those issues would no longer be a problem

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