Muslims should strive for the salvation of the whole Islamic world not only for the salvation of Palestine

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated January 15th, 2011

ADNAN OKTAR: During the celebrations of the [47th] anniversary of Al-Fatah, the senior religious authority of Palestine, Mufti [Muhammed Hussein] stated: "The destiny of Muslims is to murder Jews. The Day of Judgment will only come about when Muslims kill Jews."

So he [Mufti] says; "once Jews are killed, Muslims will attain relief. There will then be no hindrance before the Turkish-Islamic Union. Everything will turn out to be splendid, this is all it takes." Well, what if you unite without murdering the Jews? What would you lose? May Allah forbid, let us assume that you have made such a massacre; what would you do afterwards? You will keep on brewing your shisha (nargeela), and lie down, scratching your tummy. Do the Jews tell you not to read the Qur'an? Do they tell you not to establish the Islamic Union? Do they want you not to struggle against Darwinism and materialism? Do the Jews hinder your way? It is your governments that make it obligatory to teach Darwinism and materialism. Do the Jewish prime ministers make it obligatory? Or do the Jewish Presidents make it obligatory? You do that yourselves; You do believe in Darwinism and materialism anyway.

 In Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Palestine.. Palestine used to be the fortress of communism. Palestine was the place where people received communist training. People all over the world used to go there to get guerilla training. Did Jews conduct the communist training there? You did. Did Jews establish the communist guerilla camps? You did. You can go nowhere by bloodshed. Allah will inflict affliction upon you if you shed blood; you will simply be on a downward spiral of troubles. Pull yourselves together. I address to all those who are pro-murder.

Jews are the descent of the prophets; Allah predestined them as Jews. They live as Jews. The Qur'an refers to them as the People of the Book. The People of the Book are under the aegis of Muslims. Their lives, possessions, honor and chastity are under the aegis of Muslims. Muslims can marry ladies from the People of the Book, they can make commerce with them, eat their food; one can't simply go and kill them. In this case, let's assume that one has a Jewish wife; will he go and kill her as well? According to this mindset, right?  They say there is a hadith which reads "Stones, trees will provide information." Notice what he [Mufti] said; "Our war is of a war with the forefathers of apes and swine." May Allah forbid, he considers the entire community of the People of the Book as apes and swine. Does Allah refer to them as "apes and swine" in the Qur'an? They are referred as "the People of the Book." Does Allah tell us to go marry apes and swine in the Qur'an?  Allah says, "Marry with the People of the Book", right? He says; "You can marry with the People of the Book." Now according to the mindset of this person, that person would be marrying an ape or a swine by doing that. Again in compliance with this mindset, their children would also become apes and swine. Does Allah tell us to go and eat the food of apes and swine or does He tell us that we can eat the food of the People of the Book? "You can eat the food of the People of the Book, you can marry with the People of the Book," says Allah. They must not misbehave, act unscrupulously. They are thus waging a war against the Qur'an; they are unaware of what they are telling. Their ears do not hear what they utter. That expression referred to a specific community of the time that revolted against Allah. "Be apes and swine." Right now Allah also turns the bigots into apes and swine. Whoever wages a war against Allah and the Qur'an, that person turns into an ape or a swine. Therefore it is haram (unlawful) to say that stones and trees will point to every Jew and you will kill Jews altogether, whether a girl, woman or a child. This is unbecoming for a Muslim to utter; it is an encouragement to massacre, to a genocide. It is persecution and it is wholly in contradiction with the Qur'an. Allah would not command us to go and kill them after telling us that we can marry them. Allah would not tell us to go kill them after He tells us that we can eat their meals. If Allah calls them "the People of the Book", then He does not tell us to go and kill them. "Stones and trees providing information" is a sign that refers to the structuring of the security intelligence at the End Times. I recently said that as well. I said that secret cameras should be installed in rocks and trees to be used in the technical surveillance of the terror organization of the PKK. Indeed it is currently being done. One may be a Jew or a Christian, a Muslim or a Buddhist. If he is immoral, someone committing persecution, then he must be subject to technical surveillance and arrested. Isn't a Muslim who is cruel also arrested? So, that is okay.. If needed, [also a Muslim] is punished. Anyone committing persecution -whether a Christian, a Buddhist or a Muslim- would be treated in compliance with the same provision.  Consequently this is not an issue peculiar to Jews. If a Jew commits a crime, he is also punished. They also punish those criminals among them, they imprison them. They penalize those criminals. They subject them to technical surveillance as well. This is a hadith that refers to the technical surveillance that will be carried out at the End Times. Or else, if one talks about the annihilation of our Jewish brothers, the descent of Prophet Abraham (pbuh), the descent of the Prophet Israel (pbuh), the descent of Prophet Joseph (pbuh) and Prophet Solomon (pbuh), solely depending on this hadith, despite the provisions of the Qur'an; then this means that this guy also rejects the verses of the Qur'an. According to this hadith, he should not adopt the other verses of the Qur'an [May Allah forbid]. That is because he can take a Jewish wife, then he will look at this hadith and say to his wife; "I learned that you are a swine, an ape", "Even if you hide behind a stone or a tree, I will kill you." He will kill his wife just before his kids, is that it? This would be a murder, a persecution and an insanity. A Muslim would never say such a thing. Under the influence of mass psychology they put forward such aberrant sentiments, such erroneous views. Such societies absorbed in grudge and envy consisting of people growing up with lack of love embrace this. Rather than getting involved in such persecution and making effort solely for the salvation of Palestine, say; "let us struggle for the salvation of the entire Islamic world. Let us demand the Unity of Islam and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). May Allah make Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) our leader". Jews await King Messiah and we are awaiting Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). They are the same person. A Muslim must say "Let us live altogether in bliss and unite." Jews must also feel comfortable, why would we kill them? May also Christians feel at ease, and so do the Muslims. May everyone feel at ease. You do not want the Unity of Islam. You are far-removed from the Unity of Islam. You do not embrace it. You do not embrace Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), the King Messiah. You do not accept the descent of Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and then you say that we must act despotically. You say that we must annihilate everyone through mass-execution. Will you even stop there? Let us say you annihilated the Jews as a whole. Then it will be the turn of Christians. You will also annihilate them. Then it will be our Shia brothers' turn. The man says that he will also chop them up like leek. He says " like leek" Then you will chop the Jaferites, the Alawites, the Bektashis, the Wahabites, the Buddhists and the communists.

Almost no one will remain left on earth. You already reprehend those who are not the members of your own sect, your own community; you will also chop them up. Allah does not give way to such aberrant notions, such ideas and those have always remained as oppressed people. They have always been losers. Prosperity does not come through persecution. Persecution is not to be encouraged. There is peace, love and compassion in the Qur'an. Muslims are responsible for protecting the People of the Book. This was what was practiced in the time of our Prophet (saas). Muslims used to revere the churches, their synagogues. In the Qur'an Allah relates that churches and synagogues are under protection. They are under the protection of Muslims. They can perform their religious obligations as ever they like. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) who will come in the End Times will treat Jews with the original of the Torah, Christians with the original of the Gospel and Muslims with the morality of the Qur'an. This is the word of our Prophet (saas) revealed to him. This is the true word. That is why encouraging people to such erroneous convictions, views would be haram. That would be a sin, very wrong and it is a persecution. An unwise suggests an idea and big masses may follow it because they instructed the masses in compliance with rage and grudge. For instance look at Facebook; people are full of hatred, rage. Expressions of love are very scarce. I see that even young girls curse one another with sexual content. They formed abbreviations of curses, all having sexual content. They curse almost after each statement. Then they say, "Why do you say 'Insha'Allah' almost after each word? And I ask you; why do you add a curse after each word? We do add the words "Insha'Allah" and "Masha'Allah" after everything we say and you do add the abbreviations of curses with sexual content at the end of every sentence.  What you are doing is wrong; what we are doing is right. Insha'Allah.

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