We want Armenians to take their place in the Turkish-Islamic Union

(Press conference during ifthar in Çırağan Palace, September 18th, 2008)

REPORTER: You always support peace in the region and in the world. Turkish President Gül recently went to Armenia. Turkey has a Caucasian Alliance suggestion for the region. How do you evaluate this suggestion?
ADNAN OKTAR: Superb, an excellent initiative. The Armenians are our friends and brothers, our former loyal brothers. As you know, they used to be known as the Loyal Nation. They were called the Loyal Nation in Ottoman times. We want to go back to those happy times. We really want to embrace them, improve our brotherhood, and even eliminate the borders between us and, insha’Allah, for them to take their place in the Turkish-Islamic Union. Our president’s initiative was a very good and auspicious initiative, insha’Allah. And insha’Allah it will continue. It will turn into full friendship, full dialogue and full brotherhood. These genocide claims and territorial demands are exceedingly inappropriate and unnecessary. These are ideas left over from the past. We want the best for them. And we hope they will wish the best for us. Let us now be friends and brothers. Let us co-operate in business, industry, culture, science and everything. Let us live happily and in peace.

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