There can be no hypocrisy under secularism

There can be no hypocrisy under secularism
 (Abu Dhabi TV, February 19th, 2009)

REPORTER: Everyone knows Turkey is a secular state, some Westerners say it will turn into an Islamic state in 2015-2020. Do you agree?

ADNAN OKTAR: Turkey will always be a secular state. It is useful for it to be secular, and it will remain secular in the future. There can be no hypocrisy under secularism. That is the excellent aspect of secularism; it puts an end to hypocrisy, the greatest danger for Muslims and the worst disaster. Muslims have a duty to desire a system that puts a stop to hypocrisy. This is also part of the moral values of the Qur'an. The reference in the Qur'an to "there is no compulsion in the religion" is a reference to secularism. Christians will worship as they wish and Muslims perform their religious obligations as they wish, while Jews behave how they wish, and atheists and masons live by their own beliefs. But the state will intervene if they try to harm anyone else. But there is no interference in ideas; that is one feature of the secular state. That is why it is so important for Turkey to remain secular.

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