Mr. Adnan Oktar explains Social Darwinism as the source of all conflict

Mr. Adnan Oktar explains Social Darwinism as the source of all conflict
(Press conference during ifthar in Çırağan Palace, September 18th, 2008)

REPORTER-INTERPRETER: In your books, with regard to Darwinism, you say that Darwinism is the cause of this very aggressive struggle. Could you explain why? And could you also explain how Darwinism led to the First and Second World Wars?
ADNAN OKTAR: I can explain it in summary form. This is a very wide-ranging issue. It is set out with comprehensive evidence in my book. But belief in Allah bestows feelings of affection, compassion and love on people. But if one regards the person in front of one as having formed by chance from swamp mud and as a kind of animal, then one will look on that person as an insect and harbor no feelings of compassion or love for them. There may be a few such people who do harbor those feelings, but in general terms not. We have seen the practical consequences. Hitler describes clearly and in detail how he was influenced by Darwin. Marx also openly states that he was influenced by Darwin and that his ideas underlie his own. It is the same with Mussolini and all the other fascist movements. And we can also see that it is this that lies at the root of the First and Second World Wars. We see it is this behind genocide. Because Social Darwinism believes that the strong will eliminate the weak, and, as you know, this is at the heart of Darwinism. Even in ethical practice it is the strong who are in the right. Even if weak, it is the strong who are in the right. That is why Darwinism has corrupted the world for the last 100-150 years, and everyone has seen this. This is the source of all conflict, bit one would have to make a detailed study of the intellectual and scholarly evidence in my book in order to understand this in a scientific, rational and detailed manner.
REPORTER-INTERPRETER: We have spoken of the 20th century as the time of World Wars I and II. We have spoken of the global situation. But do you also regard Darwinism as responsible for the moral vacuum prevalent today, people’s tendency toward materialism and the events of September 11 in particular?
ADNAN OKTAR: Absolutely, absolutely. Darwinism left a terrible mark on the 19th and 18th centuries. The 21st century, the current century, is when it will be cleaned away. If you have noticed, criminal organizations are already being cleaned up, false ideas are being cleaned away, and the communist system in Russia has changed. There has been change there. The world is purging itself ever more. Despotic, harsh, fascist regimes are on the way out and being replaced by moderate, liberal and reasonable ones. The world is constantly purging itself and heading toward beauty and goodness. As a result of that it will attain the very best, highest and positive point with the coming of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and the Mahdi (pbuh).

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