Darwinism has collapsed despite the official protection all over the world

Darwinism has collapsed despite the official protection all over the world
 (Press conference during ifthar in Çırağan Palace, September 18th, 2008) 

REPORTER-INTERPRETER: There is confusion about what Darwinism is. What is your view of it? What does Darwinism mean to you?
ADNAN OKTAR: Darwinism is a pagan belief that has been around since Sumerian times. It is a very ordinary idea. There is no scientific evidence for it. Not a single transitional form fossil has ever been found. I have even said I will give 10 trillion [Turkish lira] to anyone coming up with a single such fossil. I mean I said I will give 10 trillions to the person bringing me a fossil that will prove Darwinism right, that could be seen as an evidence on that point. My offer still stands valid. Nobody has so far presented one, and I am still waiting. On the other hand, however, there are 100 million fossils that prove Creation. One hundred million. What more need be said?
Darwinism is a specious belief. It is maintained under official protection across the world. Take that official protection away, and Darwinism will be unable to survive a week or 10 days. I look at the opinion polls; take Switzerland. A report in the Swiss magazine Factum said that the Swiss public want creation to be taught in schools. A poll in the famous daily Blick put the level of belief in Creation at 85%. A poll by Science Actualites in France put the level of people believing in evolution at 5%, with 92% believing in Creation. Anyone can see these on the internet. According to a survey by the famous German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, 85% of people believe that man is the work of a Creator. These are developments following in the wake of the arrival of the Atlas of Creation in Europe. There has been extraordinary progress. This shows that the people of Europe are by nature predisposed to the truth, to honesty. I congratulate them on that. For example, in a poll by Die Welt, one of Germany’s main dailies, 86% of respondents answered the question how life emerged by saying that Allah created it. You can see that on the internet. A report in the Belgian newspaper De Morgen stated that over 8 out of 10 Muslim students think that evolution is total nonsense. It is the same in other papers. It is the same in Denmark. For instance, 88% of people in Denmark say no when asked if they think that human beings are descended from apes. This is on the daily Ekstra Bladet web site. Anyone who wants to can see it. It has had a huge impact in Europe. We can see this from Tony Blair’s statements. We can see the powerful impact in France from people at the head of the state there. There is really perfect progress.

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