Allah has entrusted the People of the Book to us. Do they not see what happened in Ottoman times, or in the times of our Prophet (saas)? Do they not read the Qur'an? There is love and affection in all.


From Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on A9 TV, Samsun Aks TV and TV Kayseri on April 13, 2011

ADNAN OKTAR: ... They keep launching rockets at Israel, and Israel keeps bombing them back. I do not understand it. You launch missiles at them, and they bomb you back. You launch missiles at them and they will bomb you. What is the point? Be friends, be brothers. Let us eliminate the borders and pull down the walls. Why should we launch rockets at Israel? The rocket you launch will hit children or women or elderly people. Is it right to hurl a rock into a crowd? Do you know whom it will hit? There is no target there. You are just throwing it blind. And they are bombing them blind. This is savagery. And what is the point? It is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) who will put a stop to this. Mashiach, or Shiloh, the King Messiah they are expecting. Muhammed Mahdi (pbuh) awaited by the Islamic world. He is descended from the Prophet David (pbuh). He will put an end to this scandal and disgrace. Why should there be bloodshed? Why should there be walls? There are walls all over Israel. We will tear them down. What need is there for checkpoints? You should just say, "Right, go and do what you want my son, my brother." That is all. For example, Israel must be free to build factories as it wishes, or hospitals and other facilities. And as for our Palestinian brothers, it is their own land from one end to the other; they must be free to live as they wish. Young girls must be free to cover up as they wish. Let anyone who wants to pray do so. Let them go to Tel Aviv or anywhere else. That will be an end to it. Am I not right, Berker?

ALTUG BERKER: Absolutely right. May Allah reward you with goodness.

ADNAN OKTAR: I do not understand this business. Why should we not be friends with Greece? Why should we not? The Armenians have left Turkey and gone. Let them come and we will embrace them. Let us open up the border with Armenia. What is there that we cannot share? What is the problem? Let us establish fine gardens and pools. Muhammed Mahdi (pbuh) will govern our Jewish brothers with the original of the Torah. They will embrace him as Shiloh, the King Messiah. Because he will govern with the Torah. In their eyes the King Messiah is very valuable and very important. And in Muslim eyes Muhammed Mahdi (pbuh) is very important; they are the same person. All of them. There is no difference between those described in the Torah and those in the hadiths. They are the same person. So there would be a fine climate of peace. If someone is Armenian that brother of ours can pray in his churches. What is that to you? Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will govern them with the original of the Gospel. As a result, they will develop an extraordinary love for Muhammadanism and the Qur'an. They will love the Qur'an and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Because they will say: "Since his descendant, his grandson implements this system, if these are the moral values of the Qur'an, then thanks be to Allah, we have also been Muslims." "We are Muhammadan, thanks be to Allah," they will say. It is exactly what they are looking for, very nice. Inconceivable animosity and hatred for no reason; hatred of Jews, hatred of Greeks and of Armenians and the Orthodox, hatred of evangelicals, hatred, hatred and more hatred. What is going on? Allah has entrusted them to us. Have you not seen Ottoman times, the time of our Prophet (saas)? Do you not read the Qur'an, the verses? I really cannot understand it. Allah entrusts the pagans to Muslims. Allah tells "convey them to a place where they are safe" and protect their lives. What will happen if there is an attack while you are protecting them? You will be martyred first, is that not right? But Allah commands us to do it anyway. He tells us to risk our lives to protect the pagans. Convey them to the place where they are safe, and protect them. And that is in terms of pagans! What more can I say? But they still fail to understand. [As for] the People of the Book; we can marry the People of the Book. You can take a wife from the People of the Book. This lady, for example, is probably a Russian Orthodox. A modest and immaculate person. Why should I be her enemy? Allah has entrusted her to us. She is here as our guest. How fine it would be if she learned about Islam and the Qur'an. I will give her a copy of my Atlas of Creation and other books. And she may develop a love of Islam. And there can be no compulsion in religion. You cannot force people to convert. All you can say is "this is our faith, this is Islam. You decide. And that is Christianity. Whichever you want. It is up to you, insha'Allah..."

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