This world is a place to be astounded at

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated January 6th, 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: The life of this world is very short, it is a place we live in very shortly. All those that come goes, all those that come goes. As you see, there are news about death every single day. No one is here to stay. No one will remain behind. This is a place to be very astounded at. When one looks carefully.. Well, when in primary school, secondary school and even sometimes in high school one would not be aware of this marvel that intensely.  I mean, later on one would look and see that he is in a very strange place. This is not that much understood while in primary school. A child [at that age] would only be asking whether or not his mother boiled eggs for him. He would just say; "Mum, I am late for school." Or he goes and hugs his father. He asks after the whereabouts of his bicycle. He would not even be aware of things. I mean he would not be aware how extraordinary the place he is in is. When in secondary school he would be laughing and playing with his friends. Then the signs of adolescence will appear. He would be asking what would happen to him in the future. As a matter of fact, he would even be making rehearsals for his marriage, etc. He would be thinking about what he would be doing, what kind of a job he would have, how would he be rich. He just thinks about things like these.

In his high school years, a bit more improved examples of these take place. "I will begin to work, I will be doing this, I will be doing that," he would say. Then he looks and sees that he is in an extraordinary place far above the business life and married life. He would then feel out of breath and say "Well, what have I been doing? While struggling with things like marriage, work.. and checks and bills etc.. I have been sent to this world with an extra ordinary life and I am not even aware of this." He would say; "There is a tremendous situation here."
Sometimes people would not be that much aware of such things. Then the amount of the amazement he feels would increase in time. He looks and sees that life is very short. "Allah, Allah.. why have I been this much obsessed with this world!" he would then say.  He would look and see that huge world is floating in the universe. Yet, there is magma in it and it is boiling profusely deep down. The crust of the world is as thin of an apple's peel. He would then realize that he has been living on a fire ball boiling profusely and it moves forward with a tremendous speed in an immense space. 

He looks and sees that there is another world inside the brain. He thus understands that the actual eyes he has do not see. He understands that his actual eyes are blind. He understands that his actual ears are deaf. He understands that eyes that are not made up of flesh are his real eyes. But he cannot see those eyes. Those eyes have no brain, no lens, no optic track, no nothing.  But those are the eyes that actually see. Look there is an eye inside the brain that sees the electric current. This is what is called the eye. The others have nothing to do with the eyes. They are electric producing machines. Eyes are machines that produce electricity. Ears are machines that produce electricity. They produce electricity with a very low ampere. It is nothing special. It is clear that the eyes do not see, the ears do not hear.  The soul inside the human brain sees sharply in full colors without having blood, without having optic tracks, without having a lens system, without having a brain. That is the real eye. And Darwinists do not talk about this real eye. That is the same with the ears.  Human ears can by no means hear. They can only produce electric current. They produce good electric current. Well when I say good; they actually produce a very thin, weak, low quality voice. They just produce the electricity pertaining to the voice. But that is very weak. If you were to give the electricity going to the ears to any other device after increasing the amperage, I mean if you attempt to turn it into voice you would be hearing a very distorted voice. It would be very bad. If you attempt to reflect the signals coming from the optic track going into the eye to a screen, a very bad blurred, out of focus image which you would not be able to see would be formed. There would be a terrible image that is upside down. Nothing could come out of that. There would not be such a three dimensional image that could not be differentiated from the real one- We cannot differentiate the image from the actual object at the moment, right? We cannot tell the difference, it is that sharp.

After a while, one would understand the system that sees this actual image. And then he looks and sees that he is in such helplessness. He is bound to have eight hours sleep every day; he is bound to have seven hours sleep. He first realizes this. He realizes illnesses, he sees that all his body is full of weaknesses from top to bottom.

Many people would then realize that they are putting on airs for nothing. And from that moment on he starts to give all his attention to Allah with all his might. That increases on and on as time passes by. The dosage of this would either increase or decrease depending on his strength of mind, faith and conscious, insha'Allah. And now we are striving hard to make sure that our people's faith would constantly increase.  

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