Allah tests Muslims with a very beautiful test

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated December 13th, 2011 

ADNAN OKTAR: I look at the artistry of Allah.. it is amazing. And He shows this to us in an image inside our brains. Look at the colorfulness of this image. And what is more, there is someone who sees this image. I mean that is a complete mistery for people. Look there is someone who sees. That is such a great happening, my brother. There is no explanation for that. This is even more than metaphysical. Look there is someone who sees. Someone sees consciously. I mean there is no explanation for that. But no, making light drop on a point is something, forming an image [inside the brain] is another, and there is someone who sees that image. Someone who sees without an eye, who hears without an ear.. And that is the real person. How strange have we been created, how interesting our creation is. How extensive the artistry of Allah is. How beautifully are we being tested, how beautifully are we being tested..

I am very curious about the Hereafter, Paradise, masha'Allah. Hazrat Ali (ra) says, "You will wake up like waking up from sleep." He says, "You will wake up with a sharpness like a curtain opening." Who knows how? We will see, masha'Allah. We do not know how the doors of Paradise or the gardens of Paradise are like? For example, we will go and look at Hell, insha'Allah. Insha'Allah, Allah will save us from there insha'Allah. How strange? Masha'Allah. There is very little time; a trial time. People love this world during this trial time. Allah Allah, what is there to like in this world? It is obvious that Allah gave us means enough to pass the trial here. What is there to be devoted this such? Even a crazy person would not care this much.

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