Mr. Adnan Oktar: A genuine Muslim, a person of faith, would absolutely be against terror

(Der Spiegel, September 14th, 2008)

INTERVIEWER: Alright. You refer I guess, to his remarks that root of terrorism is religion. I think this is what Dawkins wrote more or less. In contrast, you consider atheism as the root of evil and terrorism.

ADNAN OKTAR: To date, Darwinism has laid the groundwork for Hitler’s and Mussolini’s fascism and Stalin’s communism and communist applications. And when we look at the present day, we see that all the members of terrorist organisations, those that portray themselves as Muslim organisations also, are Darwinists, and atheists. That is to say, a faithful person who prays regularly and worships does not go and plant bombs here and there. It is just people who pretend to be Muslims, those who depict themselves as Muslims, who perpetrate bombings or Darwinists who make it clear that they are terrorists or communists who commit terrorism. Consequently they are all Darwinists. A person of true faith who has fear of Allah, who loves Allah, can neither commit terrorism, nor refrain from describing its horrors. A genuine Muslim, a person of faith, is absolutely against terror and can never accept terror.

INTERVIEWER: It is quite hard to imagine that someone like Bin Laden would ever embrace Darwin and Darwinism.

ADNAN OKTAR: It is not as it seems. You do not see that appearance and style in such people in their youth. I mean, they assume this guise later in their lives. Yet, when their actual faith is scrutinized, when an attentive examination is made of their true faith, the fact emerges that they are genuine materialists and Darwinists. That is because it is impossible for a person with fear of Allah to commit such acts, because of his faith. In other words, his will refuses to permit him to engage in such acts. If he is capable of engaging in them, that means there is a weakness in his faith in Allah, or that he has no faith whatsoever. Most of these people are therefore Darwinists. Such acts are committed by people who were educated abroad, who received a Darwinist education and who internalized Darwinism, but who later called themselves Muslims. When scrutinized carefully, when their speech and writings are carefully analysed, we see that all these people are Darwinists. 

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