It is very nice that Amber Rose advised Kim Kardashian to pray to Allah

It is very nice that Amber Rose advised Kim Kardashian to pray to Allah

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated November 4th, 2011

ADNAN OKTAR: Who is this cute lady there?

Ms.DILEM: She is Amber Rose Master. She has made a statement recently. Amber Rose has advised Kim Kardashian, who has recently been divorced, to pray to Allah. She said; "I would tell her to pray and ask God what is the next step for her.. Because, if you really, really pray, God will talk to you. God will give you the answers.. I am spiritual and I do pray a lot. "

ADNAN OKTAR: Allah, Allah. Masha'Allah. Alhamdulillah. That is very nice. I congratulate Amber. She is a beautiful person masha'Allah. And this manner of hers is very beautiful as well. May Allah increase her love for Allah in folds and guide her heart. May Allah give salvation to that sweet Kardashian as well. She spoke very nicely. May Allah deem her religious insha'Allah. May He not part her from the right path, May He grant salvation for her. And I am very pleased at the comment of Amber, Masha'Allah. She is a very sweet and nice person, very sympathetic, very modern lady. Insha'Allah may Allah give her heart relief and contentment, may He give her salvation and open her heart. May He give her profundity of faith. Insha'Allah may them become good friends insha'Allah. May Allah give grant them a life closer to Allah, more religious, more submissive, inoffensive, beautiful life insha'Allah. May Allah give salvation to the whole world, to everyone insha'Allah. We would not want anyone to go to Hell but it is the foreordaining of Allah of course.

Well done to Amber, Masha'Allah. That is surprising. I mean it is very nice for her to make such a statement. I mean people would not expect that from her. Right? That is because she is a modern young girl. She gives the image that she lives a comfortable, loose life. But look, we wouldn't know whose faith is strong. Allah had granted a nice profound faith for her. May Allah give her salvation insha'Allah.

CEYLAN OZBUDAK:  Master, as far as I have read from the internet about the same news. They have mentioned her that Kim Kardashian feels distressed and she had said these for her [Kim Kardashian]to be freed from that distress, I mean she had showed her the way for that. Master, I seek refuge with Allah from the satan. In a verse Allah commands as follows; "Only in the remembrance of Allah can the heart find peace." [Surat ar-Ra'd; 28]

ADNAN OKTAR: Of course, Masha'Allah. But well done. For instance if especially those two young ladies – Kim Kardashian and this sweet one of mine [Amber Rose]- were to be very religious, that would be magnificent. They would be set a great example for the youth. It would be a splendid event. But of course they should be protected very nicely, they should be encouraged. Let us invite both of them to Turkey. Let us invite those two sweet ones. That would be great insha'Allah.          

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