A Muslim must be full of life, well-groomed and highly cultured

A Muslim must be full of life, well-groomed and highly cultured

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated October 22nd, 2011

ADNAN OKTAR: Muslims must be quality people; they must be clean, beautiful and well-groomed. So do the ladies; they will be pure and well-groomed. Young men will be clean and well-groomed. A Muslim with shabby dress is unacceptable. It is not acceptable for a Muslim to stink like an animal, to be unsightly, to be unable to weigh his words, to be ignorant, to be unknowledgeable about the world, to have no general culture, to have no manners, to be unaware of quality and gentleness, to dislike science and arts, to be introverted like animals. There cannot be such a Muslim, like a dead person. A Muslim must be full of life, well-groomed, beautiful and classy. The most beautiful things in the world will belong to Muslims. The best car, the most beautiful house, the most elegant furniture, the nicest words, the most quality tableware, the most beautiful clothes; Muslims are worthy of the best of everything.

Such a dirty, stinky, abject model of Muslims is unacceptable. There cannot be such a Muslim type who has a stupid look, with the appearance of an imbecile, one that brings shame on himself and on anyone else around him, one who is tasteless. A Muslim will be ardent. He will have good manners, classy and quality. Anyone looking will admire him/her and say to himself, "I wish to be a Muslim as well," right?

They made people alienate themselves from Islam. They didn't represent the essence of Islam, instead they formed a filthy, scorched structure, out of the superstitions they made up themselves. They said, "This is Islam." They made people run away from Islam. They do not come to the essence of Islam. What is the essence of Islam? Love, peace, brotherhood, honesty, sincerity, good intentions, forgiveness, generosity, protecting and taking care of, loving Allah with fervor, having deep fear of Allah. Right? The lawful and the unlawful; there is no limit to what is lawful; unlawful things are only a few. There are only a few unlawful things. They form such an ocean of unlawful things; they claim that there are millions of them. How many lawful things are there [according ot their minds]? So few that you can count them with your fingers. You stupid fools, you! On the contrary, lawful things are vastly wide. Lawful things are so many; unlawful things can be counted by fingers, there are only very few unlawful things.

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