Mr. Adnan Oktar explains the essential factors underlying this current economic crisis

(Indo Asian News Agency (IANS) - November 14th, 2008)
 LALIT K. JHA: I was reading one of the articles written by you and in one of those you did mention about the current economic crisis and you said that the interest rates charged by banks are probably one of the main factors responsible for it. Could you eleborate on it and then what is the solution to the grand economic crisis that the world is facing?
ADNAN OKTAR: Of course I will be saying the same things again. The essential factors underlying this current economic crisis is the high interest rates, people’s failing to put trust in Allah, fear, that is to say, expectation of the worst from the future, amassing fortune and property, and avoidance from spending, not being generous in giving away to the poor and being mean. These are the causes for such occurrences. If money is distributed, money circulates and production increases. When money is withheld, property is also withheld. When property is withheld, production is withheld. Then the system comes to a total death. This is due to the egotism, selfishness of some people. 

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