Lalit K. Jha of Indo Asian News Agency asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about the conflict in Kashmir

Lalit K. Jha of Indo Asian News Agency asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about the conflict in Kashmir
(Indo Asian News Agency (IANS) - November 14th, 2008)

LALIT K. JHA: India and Pakistan has a conflict in Kashmir. Being an Islamist leader, what is your view on resolving that conflict?
ADNAN OKTAR: Mutual compassion, love and tolerance, because a person does not feel happy with a piece of land. One is happy with love and faith. Love felt for human beings, faith, mutual understanding, mutual trust will I think solve these problems. For instance, I guess that you are a Hindu, but you are my brother, I feel compassion and affection for you. You are also a servant of Allah and I respect your views and your faith. Consequently I do not have any feelings of animosity towards you. And I think a Muslim also thinks in the same way. If there is a piece of land, for instance, there is no need to quarrel over it whether it belongs to one or the other. Both sides should agree on the most honest, the most sincere, and the most rational situation. The most conscientious decision should be adopted. Then the matter will be resolved, but of course there should be a referee. The fact is that, there is a need for people from the outside. That is to say, arbitration is important in such matters.
LALIT K. JHA: So you are basicly supporting a peaceful dialogue between India and Pakistan with possibly a third party to ensure this peace in the country. This brings me to the role of Turkey in playing the role of in between Afghanistan and Pakistan, Turkey being possibly a third party to ensure peace between those countries. How do you see the Turkey's role in Afghanistan and the conflict that is going on there?
ADNAN OKTAR: Of course, there needs to be a very strong cultural policy there. That is to say, love, compassion, friendship, forgiveness, tolerance, being well mannered,  brotherhood and beauty should be propagated. We should propagate to have beauty and aesthetics all around us. These values need to be communicated to people. Everyone feels comfortable when such an environment is secured. That is to say, you are a Hindu, for instance, another person might be a Budhist or another person might have adopted another belief. Allah created all of us with various beliefs. Yet all of us are brothers, that is to say, Allah creates it this way. In other words, people live their lives in the way they are created by Allah. For this reason, beautiful environments, beautiful words, and beautiful speech remove the tension, urge people to a more peaceful, affectionate life. The world is large enough to provide room for everyone. The world is not a place for so much fight and conflict. This is a place to worship Allah, an environment to earn the pleasure of Allah.

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