Hypocrites are the most despicable people of all

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated October 9th, 2011 

PRESENTER: May be you can tell us about the hypocrites Master, if you deem it to be appropriate.

ADNAN OKTAR: Hypocrite men and women. Yes, that is a strange intermediary sort of creature; I mean [they are like that] by the Wisdom of Allah. Normally people would either be godless, Bookless or faithful. Allah had also created a third intermediary type. He says "I do have faith," but he is an enemy to the Muslims. Yet they are fiercer than the unbelievers; hypocrites are more ferocious. I mean it is a crazier type, a weird type of man. Hypocrites are the most despicable people of all.

Hypocrite is more intelligent than the unbeliever. They are more deceitful, sneakier, more perfidious and more treacherous. I mean they are different. With unbelievers, they can nevertheless be talked to; you can talk to them, you can explain them things. Not hatred, but a sort of compassion, a desire to salvage them would be felt with an unbeliever. But to the hypocrite you feel hatred. They are the most despicable creatures; they are the most sordid beings. Allah promised an infinite suffering for them in Hell. For instance unbelievers act valiantly, they act very openly. The unbelievers are obvious. Their whereabouts are obvious, their places are obvious, their methods are obvious. But that is not the same with the hypocrites. A hypocrite would step up for the name of piety, for the name of the approval of Allah. They -seemingly- act for the Name of Allah. They are very hard to be sensed. They are quite capable and have a diabolic intelligence, like that of a snake. I mean you wouldn't know from where, how and what he would do [to attack].  That is why one needs to be very careful towards the hypocrites.  

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