Mr. Adnan Oktar: The tensions between Israel and Turkey are transient

Mr. Adnan Oktar: The tensions between Israel and Turkey are transient
 (Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's live conversation with the leading Rabbis from Israel on A9 TV, October 10th, 2011)

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, I say welcome to our guests. They all are very much welcomed, they've honored us, they've brought us grace.
We embrace you all with compassion and affection as the children of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), as the children of the Prophet Israel (pbuh). We do not accept any kind of danger that would come upon you in any shape or form and we state that we are in a line of conduct that protects you and that shows you compassion to the best of our ability in the face of any danger.
RABBI HAIM DRUKMAN: Thank you very much...
ADNAN OKTAR: Masha'Allah, Masha'Allah... These transient tensions, these transient situations which might seem as if there is a trouble are not at all important. Our point of view as a nation is very important. As the Turkish Nation we compassionately love Jews, the children of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). We protect you and watch over you. We have shown this before in the Ottoman times. We have taken you and brought you from Spain and welcomed you in our most beautiful city, in Istanbul in the most beautiful manner. Also at the time of our Prophet (saas), our Prophet (saas) used to take off his frock and place it under the Jews for them to sit on. He used to converse with them. He showed them compassion. One of the wives of our Prophet (saas) was of Jewish origin, as you know, insha'Allah. It is also clearly stated in the Qur'an that we can marry Jewish women, that we can take the hands of Jewish women in marriage and that we can eat their meals and that we can make a visit to their homes.
Furthermore, the people of Israel should never think that the Turkish people harbor a rage in their hearts towards them. The Turkish government is having a big radar system that will protect Israel in Malatya. I mean this is specifically intended for Israel, it is intended to protect Israel. In the event that there will be a nuclear attack towards that region, this system which will inactivate the attack on the aerial domain of Turkey, I mean the airspace of that region, is being built. Even this alone is a clear evidence to show how compassionate Turkey's approach towards Israel is.
No matter what has been said, what is practiced is important. We do love you very much in practice.

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