Turkey and Iran should intervene in the situation in Syria and should urgently establish the Turkish Islamic Union

Turkey and Iran should intervene in the situation in Syria and should urgently establish the Turkish Islamic Union  

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated August 24th, 2011

MS.BETUL: Syrian dissidents holding meetings in Istanbul during the last three days have decided to create Syrian National Council in Turkey against the Assad regime. The base of this Council will be very wide and it will be consisting of the representatives of the Muslim Brothers in Syria, Kurdish leaders, Alawites, Socialists and many other fractions. And they will carry out a study which will gather the whole public.

ADNAN OKTAR: My brother now, that beanpole is very naive. It seems that they have frightened him. He has the looks of an adolescent. He must have been scared. That is because the deep state in Syria is a very psychopathic structure. Since they are the exact implementer of the system of the Suyfan, they have established a furious and maniac system. Now.. Persuading him would not solve this matter. If he were to say; "yes you are right, we should really turn to democracy, let me resign from the government", they would chop his head off. His brother is a psychopath as well. They will shoot him down there and then and there will be a scene. And his brother as well, they will shoot him down as well. That is because this is a crime ring that supports each other, it is a mafia system.

For that reason Iran and Turkey should directly start a military intervention. Without shedding blood, they need to say "we are coming there my friend," that is it. They cannot do anything. I mean they cannot resist by no manner of means. That is it. Directly, for instance with a few division of soldiers; Iran from one side, Turkey from the other should enter Syria and that is it. The matter would be closed. They will say; "Our aim is not shedding blood, do not resist. We are just coming here to bring democracy. Let us hold an election immediately." And the matter will be closed. That is it. There is nothing else. Now they have to be saved as well. That beanpole is there frightened. The man is looking with empty dreadful eyes. They are just keeping him there as a puppet. He does not have such a specialty, his existence is just symbolic. The real state, the deep state, a branch of the alleged Ergenekon terror organization is on duty in Syria at the moment. This is a crime ring consisting of irreligious, Godless, bookless, cruel, mad people; that is an army of murderers.. There is a mafia structuring. But none of them can dare to act in such a madness by resisting Turkey and Iran. I mean the matter would clearly come to an end, the matter would be closed. Moreover they would say instantly, "we want the elections immediately, within a very short time, within a month's time" and that would be it. Otherwise they will tear down Syria. Look, even though I have said this, they are not going to do this, you will see. And the end will be just like the Gaddafi, they will raze Syria to the ground. The United Nations will intervene. And then they will say; "We have suffered that much damage, we have dropped bombs, we spent money, now we rightfully own a share in the patrols of Syria, no offense." Look, one of those famous riches says; "We have spent soldiers in Libya, we have spent money, now to whom goes the trophy? The trophy will certainly be ours. Are we going to give it to the dissidents?" He says. And they really will take it. You'll see. They will seize the Libyan petrol. I have said this thirty times, I have said this right from the beginning; I have said that Turkey should intervene. I keep telling them to form the Unity of Islam, form the Turkish-Islamic Union and let the matter be closed. There is no one objecting but they are living in an imaginary fear. They say; "America will not let it". My brother there is nothing to let. Have you ever asked America, if they would let it happen? There is no such thing. America wants this. Where did you come up with this? Israel wants this as well. Why would America reject an amicable, kind, brotherly, friendly system that will embrace everyone? Why would American people reject this? First of all you are defending a system that all public, all world will accept. No one would ever object to that. You are going to defend peace, brotherhood, democracy, you say that you will protect and watch over Christians, Jews and Muslims all of them equally, you say that you will protect and watch over atheists as well. They cannot tell you that they will not let you, they won't; there will be no such matter. All the world is searching for peace. I mean the number of those people who are searching for peace is higher in the world. For instance 95 percent of the people in the world are in search of peace and the 5 % is the in search of blood. However since those in search of peace do not ally among themselves, the ones who want blood are running the world. They are managing the world with 5 %. Human blood is being shed everywhere like rivers. Now this is the solution for Syria. But Allah knows the truth, they would not do this. That is because people who are talking about Turkish Islamic Union are very rare to find, people talking about the Union of Islam are very rare to find. We've been saying this insistently. Allah made a great many of them overlook this. Allah had taken their perception and foresight. They are unable to realize. I mean while the salvation is clear, while the beauty is open, while the good is right there in the open, they fail to see it. They plead ignorance. And there is also cowardice, there is the sense of fear, they refrain from this and in the meantime it is becoming too late to react. There is no fear in the psychopaths. That psychopathic lot of 5% is reckless. But those who advocate peace are generally timid. 

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