There is peace in Islam; we will of course call for peace

There is peace in Islam; we will of course call for peace. There are some people who would want Turkey and Israel to have a war; we will not let war in the region.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated September 22nd, 2011

ADNAN OKTAR: "I am sure that our dear Master is talking like this on Palestine and Israel upon wisdom. However our tiny brains when compared to our Master, sometimes fail to sufficiently grasp every wisdom. For that reason, I have felt a great resentment both in the name of all Muslim martyrs and in the name of thousands of Palestinian Muslims, about his showing love to those Israeli people who do not protest the terrorist Israeli government. Allah would bring this to an auspicious conclusion insha'Allah. Our Master knows the better of it insha'Allah," says our brother.

Well I keep saying, "Muslims should be brothers." We say that "Palestine will be free", that "there will be a festive air," and that "the prisons will be emptied." We say that "bloodshed will stop, not even a drop of blood would be shed", we say that "he [Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)]will not awake a sleeper." Then what do these mean? What do the things I've been saying mean? What is this? If no blood is being shed in Palestine, if they enjoy utmost freedom, if they are able to use the whole region as ever they like, if even the sleepers are not awaken, if the prisons are emptied, -and I've said "other than those who have killed," or those who give grievous bodily harm with intent or similar offences, the prisons will be emptied. Is this not a sufficient reply? What should I say? Should I say "Damn Israel", what am I to say? Saying "Damn Israel!" is an expression of unbelief. That is because Israel is the name of a Prophet. That is an abnormal thing to say. Why should I want Israel to be demolished? I want their well-being, I want things to be beautiful. Let Palestine be beautiful as well, let Israel be beautiful. Let everyone live in peace. I mean what is it that I've been asked here? "Let us raze Israel to the ground with an atomic bomb, let us erase them from the history, let us chop them, families and children all up!" Am I to say this? Is that what you want me to say? What kind of a logic is this? Where did all those that I've been saying go? What am I talking about then? "Palestinians will be brothers, we will embrace them all. Israeli youth and Palestinian youth will embrace each other. There will be peace, " I keep saying. What should we do? Should we be vindictive? So what should we do? Then let us go and chop up all Israel from one end to the other, let us put them to the sword. Is that what you want? There is peace in Islam. Islam means being a Muslim. So the name itself is peace. Being an abode of peace, abode of welfare is the characteristic of the Heaven. Of course we will call to peace. What should we do? Should we ask for fight? They ask for blood night and day, night and day. We are trying to stop the bloodshed and these men are after blood. Bombing, hanging, slaughtering innocent men, children and women in Israel would be depravity, remorselessness, it would be cruelty. What else could that be? It is the same in Palestine as well. If they are hanging and slaughtering all those innocent children and families, whoever they find, it would be immorality as well, that is the same. What do we say? We say "All those should end." Did I ever say one side should stop and the other can continue? I mean do I say "people in Palestine are bad, people in Israel are good. Let Israel go and hang and slaughter whoever they like in Palestine"? Have I ever said that? We said "Let all the persecution going on here stop.. all of it. Let all the bloodshed in the region be stopped," we keep saying. This is a sufficient response. "Let there be peace, let there be brotherhood, let them embrace each other. There is a vast land there, Let them use that as ever they like," we say. Let them live freely in brotherhood. One side are the sons of the Ishmael, the other side are the sons of Israel; they are the sons of the Prophet Israel (pbuh) and the Prophet Ismael (pbuh). That is exactly the statement I have said. They are all recorded. The system of the Mahdi is compassion, peace and brotherhood. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) comes to stop the bloodshed. We are the students of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), the Mahdi adh-dam.

How many times should we repeat this, my brother? We call them the children of Ishmael; the Arabs. And the Children of Israel; the sons of the Prophet Ishmael (pbuh) and the Prophet Israel (pbuh). We keep saying that they are brothers, they are the sons of a single father. We say that "there is no need for fighting, all those lands are theirs, let them use it as ever they like." We say "let us make them brothers, let us reunite them." We say that "not a drop of blood would ever be shed, no sleeper would ever be awaken." They say no, there has to be blood. The Qur'an invites us to peace. Those who commit an offence would be laid hold off. What do we want from the children and women of Israeli people? Why should we go and punish the innocent children and innocent women? Let those whoever committed those crimes be punished. Whatever the law is; let them be punished according to whatever the law says. But In the sense of community, in the sense of nation, peace is the basis. Israelis, Palestinians, Arabs, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Afghanistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, these are all brothers, let them all embrace each other. Let them love one another. Let them become friends, brothers. There is nothing to fight about, satan is demanding blood. Now, what I see is that they are trying to make Turkey and Israel fight a battle against each other, according to their own mind. We will not let a battle or anything in the region, they should forget that. We do not want fight or anything. And we will resolve the tension in between Israel and Turkey.

I have invited Rabbis, I have invited other guests. They will come and we will talk. We have no intention to have a fight in any way. We will establish the Turkish Islamic Union, we will establish the Unity of Islam. We will unite the Muslims, we will make them brothers. My brother, if we were to look at things with the mentality of fight, with the mentality of revenge; there will be an environment that no one could ever be friends with each other. Russia shed the blood of millions of Muslims at the time, the communist government did. Right? Were they not being called the Moskow until yesterday? So, how are you going to unite with Russia then, how are you going to be friends with them? Bulgaria; there are still pictures.. They were known to embowel pregnant women, to slaughter all the children and women, they were knows as "murderer Bulgarians" at the time. I am embracing them as friend Bulgarians, brother/sister Bulgarians, I feel compassion for them. What did were day saying for Greece? They were using insults, weren't they? They were using very outrageous insults. Each of them had been given different nicknames. When you say the word Greek/Rum, different things used to come to the minds? We know Rums to be our brothers, we embrace them, we feel compassion for them. About the Arabs.. they were using inconceivable insults for Arabs.. They were saying "they are this bad and that bad.." let me not count them all one by one but everyone would know this. We have taught them the love for Arabs. We have taught them to love Arabs; we have attained this by putting an effort for years.. We have very recently formed this basis with the love for the Unity of Islam and the love for the Turkish-Islamic Union. Have a look at the papers from 30 years, 40 years ago and see what they have been saying for the Arabs in many papers. Have a look and see. See how hateful statements were used. Look at the papers from 50 years back, look at the papers from 40 years back or from 20 years back and see what kinds of statements they have used. One should be aware of these and look at things with reason and approach with sincerity, insha'Allah.  

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