Some examples of false accusations brought about Muslims

Some examples of false accusations brought about Muslims

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated October 5th, 2011

ADNAN OKTAR: You go on please..

Ms. DILEM: Of course, insha'Allah. Recently there had been a news item published in the New York Times, I would like to give some information about it. It is about the Saudi prince. The nephew of the Saudi King Abdullah named Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Alsaud. He is a member of the royal family [of Saudi Arabia] and a businessman. In general he carries out some positive activities for Islam and he has some beneficial studies carried out in respect of connection with other religions. However this prince had been slandered with false accusations brought by a model stating that he had brought her to his yacht and had a drug mixed in her drink. Then a law suit has been brought he had been found to be innocent as the result of this suit and the case was dropped and he had been found innocent because in respect of the passports, visas and witnesses they have seen that he had not committed any crime and that he had not even been in that place at that time. So the case was closed but now the model had filed an appeal and is now filing the claim again in the court.

ADNAN OKTAR: What are his evidences?

Ms.DILEM: Of course, I have that information, let me read. The first evidence is that the whereabouts and every single move of Prince's yacht in the international waters are defined anyway. And it has been proved with official documents that the yacht was in France during the mentioned dates. Second evidence states that security measures taken by the state during the time the Prince was in France officially documented that the Prince was in France during that time. And the accusation brought about is about Ibiza and he had not been to Ibiza; as you know Ibiza is in Spain. Thirdly the entry and depart stamps on Prince's passport prove that the Prince had never been to the Ibiza island of Spain. Fourthly the hotel he stayed in France during the mentioned dates and the employees of the hotel had confirmed [that he was in France]. Fifth evidence is that the reservation details of the restaurants he'd been to, document that he had been in France. Six; it is determined by the documents for whom the private chauffeurs work and to whom they serve in these date. Seven; the captain of the yacht also confirms that the Prince was in France in his own yacht. Eight; the Prince does not go anywhere alone, his staff of 27 goes everywhere with him and they are all documented to be with him in France in those dates. The lists of the hotel they stayed in everyday are also documented. There are all sorts of documents belonging to his staff from his doctor to his travel department employees, to his cook and also to his wife [certifying that they were with him].

ADNAN OKTAR: So that means his wife was with him. Yes.. Against the Muslims who had been influential in the world, who are preaching the religion, who spread [the message of] Islam and against the Muslims who have been good examples for Islam; a trend of intimidation with such crude accusations has started to widespread. And we have seen an example of this here in Turkey as well. As you know, they have done the same thing against us as well but they could not succeed. I have been acquitted [from their claims]. I have put forth the fact clearly with all kinds of evidence and the matter had thus gained clarity with the perfect sense of the word. Now look, as far as I see, they have also been plotting against that brother of ours. But they have fouled up the situation as it is apparent that this is a very incorrect slander. They have seen that he will be beneficial for Islam and the Qur'an, that he will set a beautiful example, a beneficial example so they started to slander him, attempted to distress his spouse and thus tried to intimidate him, according to their own logic. They can never be effective in any shape or form. But of course Muslims should protect and watch over each other very well and they should support each other. We also stand by this brother of ours in respect of vindicating him. We would not let him be subjected to any form of slander. That is because so long as these people continue to resort to such methods, so long as they see Muslims to be alone, they would presume that they are strong. But the necessary legal actions, rational explanations, rational turn of phrases would make them retreat and they would thus bitterly regret what they have done. We should take a stand against all sorts of injustice with laws and legal system. Not only in Turkey but also all over the world, when something happens that would harm the rights of Muslims, we would help them to the best of our ability.

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