A Muslim worships only Allah

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated December 13th, 2011

ADNAN OKTAR: This world is a very weird place, it is a very very strange place. It is very weird that we are being tested. I mean one should not be besotted with this world, one should not deify people. People are deifying other people, they are idolizing them. I see such people, I turn on the TV, there they are; laying red carpets on the floor, calling one "Duke something" or "Count something." Ultimately these are pitiful human beings. Right? They will die and disappear from the face of this world. They would be wretched if they do not eat, they would be wretched if they do not drink water. These are pitiful beings with natural needs. You all see what will become of them if they do not bathe. Many of these people are very old and can hardly remain standing. Some can hardly remain standing with blood-tension drugs, some with rheumatism drugs, some with cancer drugs. As a matter of fact many of them cannot even attend to the same gatherings in the following year; they just get buried under the ground. These people are deifying such people. Is this reasonable? Is this something that a Muslim would do? A Muslim would only take Allah as God. One would only feel compassion for miserable servants of Allah, right? And feel hatred if that is a hypocrite, insha'Allah. 

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