Symmetry in butterflies refutes evolution

The perfect symmetry and this glorious golden ratio in living things totally and by itself refutes Darwinists' claims of evolution because the mutations to which Darwinists attribute a supposed "evolutionary force" are the enemies of symmetry. According to what Darwinists maintain, when random mutations come about, it should be impossible for the perfect golden ratio to form in living things. There should be a great irregularity and imbalance in living things. This is because mutations are irregular events. Mutations cannot produce an arm where none existed before, then form a hand in proportion to it and fingers in line with this mathematical ratio. Furthermore, they cannot then produce another arm of the same length, another hand of the same size and symmetrically arranged with the same number of fingers, all possessing that same mathematical ratio, on the exact opposite side of the body. Random mutations cannot first make a decision and then produce an eye with perfect complexity, and then immediately produce another eye in perfect proportion to the first eye and the face on the other side of that face; an eye of the same size, possessing the same color and shape and performing exactly the same functions and seeing in the same way. Random mutations cannot, as Darwinists maintain, produce an ear on the right side of the head and then immediately afterward produce a second ear on the left side, possessing the same symmetry and shape, hearing in the same way, and with all the same characteristics. Likewise, they cannot form structures such as the anvil, hammer and stirrup, (the tiny bones located inside the ear) in a perfect manner, and bestow the same functions and symmetry on them.

In order for a living thing to survive, random mutations would have to produce heart valves on both sides of the heart, in such a way as to have the same symmetry and ability to perform the same functions. Otherwise, that living thing would die. This ratio and symmetry would have to be established in the same way in every organ in the body. However, past and present life forms all exhibit the same immaculate symmetry. No living thing has one ear upside down, a different lung, an eye in the middle of its forehead and one on its nose. Since there is no such irregularity in life, Darwinists are trying to commit a mass deception by claiming that random mutations cause evolution.

Monstrous life forms with an ear upside down and one eye in their foreheads do occur, albeit rarely. That is what mutations lead to. It is mutations that are responsible for the unusual appearance of these life forms that attract the interest of the press and scientific circles and never live for very long.

Mutations are like machine gun bullets fired at a regular structure. Shooting at it at random will just destroy that structure. That fact that a single one of these mutations has no effect or that one of those bullets destroys an area of infection changes nothing. The organism has already been destroyed by all the other bullets hitting it.

Mutations impair a living thing's genes, destroy its glorious symmetry, and make it impossible for it to survive for long. What must not be forgotten, however, is that mutations are phenomena that happen under Allah's Control. Allah creates such examples in order to show us the perfection of His Creation and His Creative Artistry.

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