Muslims are responsible of ensuring the security of even the idolaters. The beliefs might be different but this does not necessitate breaking social connections.

Muslims are responsible of ensuring the security of even the idolaters. The beliefs might be different but this does not necessitate breaking social connections.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated September 12th, 2011 

ADNAN OKTAR: Our brother Demirsoy has sent us some verses. However accepting some parts of the Qur'an but not accepting some other parts is among the characteristics of idolaters. Allah states that openly in the Qur'an; "They accept some of the verses and they do not accept others." Now our brother Demirsoy too accepts some of the verses and do not accept some other, that is not acceptable. Allah says; "You will find the people most affectionate to those who have faith are those who say, 'We are Christians'," in the verse. Why do you not accept this verse? Do you accept this verse? You would not. When you do not accept the verse, you would be abandoning the religion. Allah says; "you can marry Christian and Jewish women," He says; "you can eat their food." Do you accept these verses? You do not. If you do accept them, then the discussion is over anyway. There will be nothing left for you to talk about.

Accepting an idolater or an irreligious person as a friend in terms of religion is not acceptable anyway. I mean, one cannot act according to what such people say. Or else, treating an idolater as human.. Look, for instance Almighty Allah tells us for the idolater to show compassion to him "If any of the idolaters seeks asylum from you, grant him asylum until he hears the Word of Allah. Then convey him to his place of safety." So Allah tells us to "convey him to his place of safety by putting ourselves to risk." And that is for the idolater, for the irreligious.. What are we going to do? It is showing compassion to an idolater to draw him closer to religion. Otherwise it is not attempting to crush his head off.

For instance an irreligious person, would he ever be content with you if you do not abide by him? For instance amongst the relatives, friends of our brother Demirsoy, there are surely those who are irreligious. Would those people be a friend to him unless he abides by them? Would they be his companions? No, they would not. The verse he has mentioned; "The Jews and the Christians will never be pleased with you until you follow their religion," is a very far reaching verse. It is valid for a Buddhist and also for a communist as well. For instance a PKK proponent, would he be friends with you unless you become a PKK proponent yourself? He would not. Or among his relatives there surely are some people who are not very much keen about religion, who do not abide by Islam, some types who are very much boasting; there should be a lot of people among his relatives, might his father or his grandfather. Can this person adjust himself according to those? He cannot. Then what is it that is meant here?  People cannot be in harmony in beliefs. They would want to draw the other party to his belief. At that point, Allah tells us not to accept that. That is what is meant here. Otherwise it does not mean; do not preach the religion to him, do not show compassion to him, do not invite him to Islam, to the Qur'an and severe your social connection with them. Our brothers misunderstand this. In fact, let us make a Risale from this subject matter; let us explain this more comprehensively, or else it doesn't seem like they would comprehend this matter. I have explained this many times; they are making me explain the same thing over and over again. That is good, it is nice; we are earning merits from this but this would be better for ensuring their understanding. 

You do not accept them as friends in religion; meaning you do not abide by their religion. For instance for an idolater, just like you do not abide by his religion but you protect him and watch over him; abiding by his religion is something different; that is what is meant in the verse. Or it does not mean that you should go struggle with that man and get on top of him and crush him. If you look at this verse with that interpretation you would understand. If anybody who comes up attempts to extrapolate the verse, that would not be acceptable.
That is because they do not look into the verses which has a  connection with that verse; they just look at the verses individually and do not see the meaning they carry. Befriending; meaning acting according to that religion, abiding by the rules of that religion. You are not abiding by that religion. But you show compassion to that person, you protect and watch over him, you treat him nicely, you treat him respectfully, you preach Islam to him and show respect to his opinion, to his belief. That is what Qur'an wants from us, insha'Allah.

But they misunderstand the verse; "Do not take Christians and Jews as your friends." Let us explain that more comprehensively in more details tomorrow.  Some of our brothers take it as if it means do not befriend them and take them as your enemies, crush them, chop their heads off.  There is no such thing. How is such a thing acceptable? Our Prophet(saas) used to lay his gown under them,  he used to show them compassion, he used to go to their funerals, visit them, go to their dinners.  Our Prophet (saas) married a Jewish lady, he married a Christian lady he showed her compassion, he showed her love.. They know it very wrong. You just do not abide by his belief. You do not abide by the wrong beliefs of an idolater, an irreligious, a Jew or a Christian; that is what is meant. For instance a Jew says; "Allah is One." Are you not going to believe in that? You believe in the same thing as well. He says ;" I do love the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), and you love him as well, you are the same in that sense.  

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