Allah makes every incident instrumental for the global dominion of Islam

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated October 9th, 2011

ADNAN OKTAR: Allah does not need to test us. That is because He is the One Who creates all those that we do. The moment [we live in] is an infinitely short period of time. I mean the infinitely small period of time is called the moment. Allah created the infinitely long time within the infinitely short time and is done with it all. Look, [I seek refuge with Allah from the satan]; Allah says "But you will not will unless Allah wills," in the verse. Allah says; "No kind of calamity might occur except by the permission of Allah." That is to say when a calamity will occur, first Allah would definitely will for it and it will only occur following that. What does this mean? Allah says; "I create everything." The essence, the truth of the matter is this; Allah is showing us what we actually are. He makes us love ourselves. We are thus being witness to our own characters; we are thus seeing our own personalities. Insha'Allah when we go to the Heaven, Heaven will then be very much meaningful for us. "I have struggled, I have strived, I have suffered, I have done all kinds of sacrifices for the good pleasure of Allah, I have been patient and I have been generous," one says. In fact Allah is the One Who does all those things; but people then take pleasure in this, they like it in the Hereafter. These are all created as a kind of decoration for us to enjoy in the Hereafter, in the Heaven. For instance Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) appears. Allah first undermines Islam, undermines the Ottoman Empire. And then He makes Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) appear and makes Islam dominate the world. That is an amazing excitement, Allah gives people a feeling of achievement as if they are the ones who did all those. Of course Allah is the One Who creates. Now in the Heaven Allah will say; "that is the Mahdi. This is Hasan, this is Hussain and this is Hazrat Ali." And thus a reason for love would be formed. A reason for excitement. Then [the appearance of] Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) becomes meaningful. The [coming of] Prophet Jesus (pbuh) would then be meaningful. For instance the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is taken to the skies. Then he will be brought back to this world. Now is this not very exciting? That is a pleasantness, a color in our world, a beauty. Allah makes all those for them to become a color, a beauty for us. Or else Allah knows all those that we will do. For instance terror, anarchy and all those are created by Allah. Everything, all those incidents are created by Allah specifically to become instrumental for the global dominion of Islam. That is because people are generally a bit languorous, they are a bit inclined to laziness. Allah says in the verse that "man is created as weak." People are created as weak. If you let them be, they would instantly want to sleep. There is a joke people keep telling; "I wish the night would come so that I can sleep." That is how they are. People are this much inclined to languidness, they are inclined to laziness. Bugs for instance are very lively if you pay attention. The ants etc. right ? They are full of life. But people are not like that. People are generally a bit exhausted. They instantly become tired. They are very delicate creatures. They can either get flu, or cold, or get tired or get languid. They wake up in the morning and can hardly compose themselves. They drink tea, coffee and try to compose themselves like that. When comes the night they instantly want to sleep. They feel the need to wash their hands and faces, clean their noses, clean their ears, they have to wash their hands all the time. They have to wash their bodies, they have to wash their hair. They constantly need to give water to their bodies as much water as they need. They would die otherwise. Even if they cut consuming proteins, even with the lack of animal protein might kill them, they can't stand scarcity. The body would become ill and die. For instance when there is deficiency of some certain vitamin types they might become ill and die. The vitamin level should be accurate. Mineral; for instance one might die because of calcium deficiency. He might die of magnesium deficiency; it has to be accurate as well. One might die of potassium deficiency and one might die from excessive potassium. One might die because of salt deficiency; one might die of excessive salt. That is how delicate they are. Tumors could occur every moment in any part of the body. Cancer might be formed in any part of the body any moment. One might die in a moments time if his blood pressure rises up; one might die with the dropping of blood pressure. Some people struggle with the dropping of blood pressure; blood pressure drops to 2 and make one go into a shock and die, may Allah forbid. Or, the pressure drops to 1 and he goes into a shock and die. One's blood tension might go up and makes him die. His heart might stop without any obvious reason and he dies ex nihilo. Or it might stop with a reason; a clot might cause clogging in his heart and he might die. For instance one might have an intestinal knot and die. There are hundreds, thousands of reasons of death for a person. Man is a very weak creature. But bugs and animals are not like that; they are very durable. Their bodies are robust. Allah doesn't say that for animals for instance; He does not say that animals "are created as weak". Allah specifically says that "man is created as weak." But nevertheless people are very much inclined to become committed to this world. Allah creates all these specifically so that they can distance themselves from the world. I mean a human's daily needs, natural needs etc. for instance the menstruation of women etc. are specifically created by Allah so that people cannot develop egocentricity, so that they cannot become arrogant. 

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