Lower-self is more inclined to hatred, rage and animosity

Lower-self is more inclined to hatred, rage and animosity; it always demands war and blood. Friendship and brotherhood can be attained only by will power and reason. Advocating peace and brotherhood until the end and forgiveness can be attained with faith.  

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated September 12th, 2011

ADNAN OKTAR: My brother, Islam would not be spread if you approach with hatred. I mean the reason why your souls are so easily wrapped up with hatred is that the satan eases hatred. The lower self is more inclined to rage and grudge. Almighty Allah says; -I seek refuge with Allah from the satan- ".. and the self and what proportioned it and inspired it with depravity or taqwa" Right? So the lower self knows its depravity. The lower-self always commands one to evil acts. This is the verse of Allah. I seek refuge with Allah from the satan. Lower self always commands evil acts towards Allah. And the lower self has been created as the enemy of Allah. The lower self always wants to fight, wants grudges, it wants dispute, it wants innuendos, it wants animosity. Friendship and brotherhood are attained by will power and reason. It is difficult to maintain friendship and brotherhood until the very end. For instance many people might talk about friendship, but after a while they fail to be strong enough for it. And they get into a fight as well. You look at people who talk about mercy, and see that they continue with that appeal for five years, for ten years. After five years you look and see that they will get into the fight as well. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the students of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) are the ones who advocate peace and brotherhood until the very end. The Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) and his students are the ones who advocate peace and brotherhood until the end. I mean the great majority of the world would want to fight. They would want war. The students of the Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) stop the war; they stop the fight.  People always ask for dissension. Satan is the one who instills the mindset that states; "Let us chop up Jews, let us crash down Christians, let us override communists, let us cut off the Buddhists, let us cut Shia and Alewites, let us cut Wahabis."

Now look, this mindset wants to draw us to the same mindset towards the Jews and Christians; towards the irreligious, towards the idolaters, towards the Bektashis and Alewites. This mindset demands the same for all of these. Now should I abide by the Qur'an, or by these people? To which mentality, to which explanations should I abide by? Why are you insistently trying to drag me into this mindset? I mean am I to say "Allah has taken the light out of them, they are dark people," about the Shia? Should we say these about Alewites, Bektashis and Wahabis? Am I supposed to say "May Allah destroy them all!" about the Iranian state? Am I to want my brothers in Iran be destroyed, like some people do? Such people say; "May Allah destroy Iran, may Allah smash them!" We want the Unity of Islam and such people want them to be smashed.. Now think about it; if a man is regarding a Shia or an Alewite, a Bektashi, a Wahabi like this; how would such a man regard a Jew or a Christian? Think about it.. And they are saying this openly anyway. And people with that mentality attempt to advise me. Look he is talking about chopping off people like leeks. How does one chop leeks? You put them on one and other and chop them all up. Look, these people are saying that Shia and Wahabis should be put one over the other and be chopped up. "Chop up",  he says that they should be chopped up with a sword or a similar sharp tool. So these people say that there should be a bloodbath. I mean they say that this is what best suits a Muslim. Is that what the Qur'an teaches us? Or does the Qur'an teach us compassion and mercy? Does the Qur'an teach us to be anti-blood? The system of the Mahdi is anti-blood. Look; Mahdi adh-Dam. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) who stops the bloodshed. We are abiding by the system of the Mahdi. So do not vainly attempt to propagate cruelty. Do not vainly make the propaganda of persecution.  You would then be an instrument of satan, you would be deceived by the plot of the satan. Pull yourselves together. Compassion, mercy, rationalism, art, science; we will act on these. Otherwise Allah would destroy Muslims, He would give trouble to them. And He did give scourges on them up until now. When this is done, when the right and beautiful approach is implemented, Islam will dominate the whole world. And that will happen and that is happening, and you do see it happening, insha'Allah. Prosperity cannot be attained through persecution.  The lower-self always wants war; look, I have already said that. The lower-self wants bloodshed, wants to stir up incidents, the lower-self wants cruelty, aggressiveness. Only strong-willed, clever people stand against war and against violence. It is difficult to want peace insistently. It would be difficult for the lower-self. Faithful and smart people insistently want peace. They insistently ask for peace. Forgiveness is difficult. Devout people want forgiveness. Being mild-mannered and loving is not that easy. The human soul is open to hatred. Only with profound faith does love settle in people's hearts.

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