Jerusalem Post: The Representatives of Mr. Adnan Oktar has invited the Israeli Minister of Internal Affairs to Turkey

Jerusalem Post: The Representatives of Mr. Adnan Oktar has invited the Israeli Minister of Internal Affairs to Turkey

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated September 14th, 2011

ADNAN OKTAR: You go on please.

MS.BETUL: Astagfirullah Master, Israel's most rooted newspaper in English, Jerusalem Post which has a worldwide distribution, yesterday has published the interview they have made with Mr Oktar and Mr Cihat in an article. This news item has taken place both in the printed newspaper and in the internet. The heading of the article is as follows; "The emissaries even invited Yishai to visit Turkey. Army Radio reported that Yishai did not reply negatively to the request"

ADNAN OKTAR: Of course, we would be delighted, we would be very pleased, it would be very nice, very beneficial insha'Allah. We can arrange meetings here, they can thus see our compassion for them and our close amicable attitude towards them and that would be very nice, insha'Allah. That is because the Turkish nation is a noble nation. They would not hold a grudge towards any group, any community or any race. My people love all the world. Turkish people are very sweet, they are very good mannered and very humane, they are very hospitable. But of course it is very important to ensure that justice has been served. It is very important to be fair. One should be very painstaking in order to ensure justice. However our Jewish brothers especially realize that King Messiah- Moshiach has arrived I mean there is no other time for that anyway. Both according to their time and according to the explanations in the Torah- those true commands in the Torah are valid also for us, there is no other time for Moshiach, it is apparently seen that the Moshiach has come.  We are at the time of King Messiah, insha'Allah. We are entering the period that they will be most comfortable.  I mean Jews, Sons of Israel, will experience the most comfortable, the most beautiful times of their history ever since the Prophet Moses (pbuh) in the time of King Messiah. Not only in Israel, they will be free in all the region. Starting from Jordan to Turkey wherever they like they will be able to walk around proudly and they will all be able to perform their religious observances as ever they like. Let their eyes be enlightened, let their hearts be at ease. There will be no more wars from now on. Some psychopaths have the idea of annihilating the Children of Israel as a whole. I have said this before as well; we would overthrow the skies on top of them.  We are fiercely against the mentality which states that the children of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) should be annihilated as a whole. We will mortify the satan, we would not let such a thing, this is not possible. The children of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) are entrusted to us, the children of the Prophet Ishmael (pbuh) are entrusted to us as well.  The whole Palestine, all those beautiful lands, those sacred lands will become the land of peace, insha'Allah. We would not let even a drop of blood be shed there. We will throw out the satan from there, we will throw it from everywhere insha'Allah. The satan, devil will perish at the feet of Moshiach, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).  This is a truth mentioned in the hadiths insha'Allah. The Palestinian children, the Jewish children will run about holding hands, you know those childish chirruping, they will be screaming out, playing balls and having fun and we will watch their joy, happiness, delight, excitement and that childish sweetness in joy. Palestinian youngsters, Israeli youngsters will sing songs together, they will have nice discourses, we will establish a beautiful world insha'Allah.  The region is immense, let their hearts be at ease. We would not let any blood be shed in that region, let their hearts be at ease, no such thing would happen, nothing of that sort will happen, insha'Allah. I mean they should trust Allah, they should trust the word of Allah. They've been praying for Moshiach everyday crying for 3000 years saying "O Lord send us the Moshiach".  And there is no other time, this is the last age. The lifespan of this world is 7000 years according to their belief as well; it is 7000 years according to ours as well. 7000 years have passed by, everything will be finished in between 1400 and 1500. King Messiah-Moshiach is embracing Israel at the moment, he is embracing the Palestine, he is embracing the whole world. Let their hearts be at peace. The Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) is performing his duty together with his students,  King Messiah- Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is performing his duty together with this students as well and Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) is on his duty everywhere at the moment. Within 10 years there will be a peaceful, well steering, nice, positive, concrete, decent world will be formed insha'Allah. The economic crisis will end in 2014 but this will be because the love of the Qur'an will be spread, for those who turn their backs to the Qur'an, Allah deems the ground as suitable, He deems the soil and pain suitable for them, He deems the crisis suitable for them. For those who love the Qur'an, who love Allah, Allah grants abundance, wealth, peace and security; now we are heading towards that beautiful time, insha'Allah.  Please you go on now.. 

Ms. BETUL: Astagfirullah Master in this article published in the Jerusalem Post it writes as follows; "The Turkish Sheikh- "

ADNAN OKTAR: Well, for the love of Allah, do not repeatedly call me sheikh!

Ms.BETUL: But this is how they have used in the article Master..

ADNAN OKTAR: Allah Allah! They might say so, they are paying a compliment it seems. There is only one sheikh and it is our master Berker. I mean in our group of friends there is no other sheikh other than our Master Berker [jokingly] and we are all his students! There is nothing else here..

Ms.BETUL: Astagfirullah Master, Astagfirullah

ADNAN OKTAR:  You go on please

Ms.BETUL: "The representatives of Adnan Oktar, Dr. Cihat Gundogdu and Dr Oktar Babuna told The Jerusalem Post in an interview that.. the best way to defuse the tension would be for Israel to apologize to Turkey and provide compensation for the victims' families.  "A gesture of warm relations from Israel would generate a very good picture of Israel around the world and would not damage Israel in anyway," the representatives said having conveyed the same message to the Minister of Internal Affairs Eli Yishai and Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin in meetings on Monday. Babuna said; "Our short term goals are to help alleviate the current tension between our two countries. We need to show that there is no real conflict between our two peoples. Jews have a right to live in Israel because they are descendants of the Prophets. Jews and Muslims believe in the same God and love the same Prophets. It says in the Qur'an that Allah settled the Jew in the homeland and that Jews, Muslims and Christians should live together in peace in the Holy Land so we are here to spread this message of peace, security, justice, tolerance and democracy. 

More broadly and rather grandiosely, Oktar's movement Harun Yahya (a name by which he is also known) advocates what it calls a Turkish Islamic union and envisages a wide regional forum comprised o all Middle Eastern states to promote "economic, spiritual and political cooperation. The organization is explicitly religious, although emphasizes that freedom of religion is a closely held tenet and has been most active in denouncing evolution and promoting Creation."  This is how Jerusalem Post Daily gave the news. If you deem appropriate there is the news item and the pictures here. 

ADNAN OKTAR: Okay let us have a look.

Ms. BETUL: Okay insha'Allah. That is how it is, this is the news item in the first page. 

ADNAN OKTAR: Masha'Allah.

Ms. BETUL: Masha'Allah. Furthermore Master, the Chief Rabbi has a message for you, I would like to show you the book he had sent for you, insha'Allah. He was very interested in your book The Evolution Deceit in Hebrew and he had sent his book "Genesis [Creation] in which he wrote his opinions on the fossils as a gift for you. He had specifically chosen this book to show the importance he attaches to explaining Creation and the Chief Rabbi had put a sign on the page about the fossils and asked our friends to present you the book like this Master. 

ADNAN OKTAR: Look how nice this is, those who believe in Allah are uniting against the dajjal (anti-messiah) on the same matter. What is the dajjal after that? When the Jews, Christians and Muslims unite against the denial of the existence of Allah (may Allah forbid) in collapsing Darwinism and materialism the blind eye dajjal (anti-messiah) would be smashed in and the matter would thus be closed. That is a very nice development, we are presenting our respects to the Chief Rabbi as well, I congratulate him, I am very happy, this had given us joy and it gave relief to our hearts. We will insha'Allah be in a brotherly, friendly amicably and nice activity together insha'Allah about the Oneness and existence of Allah insha'Allah. Of course we have different religions but we are brothers in this world. Jews are brothers in religion among themselves and Muslims are brothers in religion among themselves. But we have to strive together and make an alliance against Godlessness and Booklessness.  If those who believe in Allah fall out with each other, the dajjal (anti-messiah) would benefit from that and we cannot let that happen. We will the blind eye of the dajjal (anti-messiah). For instance, look the attitude of our brothers are very nice as well, it is very nice that they saw the light in their face. In the hearts of the children of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) insha'Allah there is a profound love of Allah and because they love Allah, we do love them as well, they love all the Prophets, we do pray that insha'Allah they will become Mohammedans. However the verse that states that "there is no compulsion in religion" is very explicit, the command of the Qur'an is open. I mean this command of Allah is valid until the Last Day, no member of no religion could ever be forced to convert to another religion. You might advise, you might preach but you would say that the decision is up to him. If you use compulsion you would be waging a war against the Qur'an, you would be waging a war against the commands of Allah. There can be no compulsion in religion. That is because religion is a beauty that happens with love, affection and heart. What happens when there is compulsion? Hypocrites come up, may Allah forbid. Some fools attempt to make people Muslims by using force; this would be unlawful, that is because you would be making that person a hypocrite, you would be acting against the command of the Qur'an. He should do so loving and with affection.  We are again presenting our regards and love to the Chief Rabbi and the Minister of Internal Affairs and we convey our message of friendship. We would be honored if they do come here, they are our invited guests, we invite them, you are welcomed, we would be honored and it would please us.  We love them as a nation and we would show them our love. That is because the individuals are innocent, only the guilty one owns the guilt, I mean only the one committing the offense is guilty.  Other people, those who do not commit an offence are always innocent, we would feel respect and love for them.  And those who commit a crime would be punished accordingly, we would again respect him as a person anyway, insha'Allah.  

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