Why does the European Union not want Turkey? A scholarly study should be done into that; the things that worry them must be put right, if they are legitimate.

 Why does the European Union not want Turkey? A scholarly study should be done into that; the things that worry them must be put right, if they are legitimate.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated September 10th, 2011

ADNAN OKTAR: We also need to join the EU. We need to move a bit faster on joining the EU; that is for one, I mean we need to be diligent. But there is one very key issue. Why does the EU not want Turkey? The state should carry on a research about this among 400,000 people in France, for instance. Just in France. They should go round street by street and ask people: Why do you not want Turkey? They must turn that into a report and video the proceedings. For example, 400,000 people: for this and that reason.. They should go to the Netherlands and ask: Why do you not want Turks? But they must tell them to answer honestly. Just between us. If they harbor negative thoughts about us, let them say that. There is no need for them to watch what they say thinking that it would be shameful. They must speak openly. They must tell us whatever it is that makes them uneasy subconsciously, so we can take steps. I mean we do believe that they are honest. So what is it that troubles them? Let them spell them out, one, two, three, four, five.. If they are true, let us put things right. Whatever troubles them, we will put them right. Because this is a human and ethical need. If someone is made uneasy by another person, if his reasons are reasonable and he is right [to be troubled], those must be put right. But if they say they are troubled by our religious devotion, then we will give the answer that deserves, of course, and will not accept it. But if they say reasonable things, then our response should be reasonable as well. I mean we cannot hide our heads in the sand. Let us test people and do our research. Let us begin in Greece, for instance. Then go far to the UK and ask everyone; what is it about Turkey and the Turks that troubles you? What troubles you? This would be a scientific study. Let us ask a total of two or three million people, even four million. What's difficult about that? The nation's civil servants can do it. They can work for a year on it, for example. Let them ask people for a year. Let us turn it into a report. Then let the state adopt powerful measures based on that report and we can eliminate those problems. We can embark on Turkish-Islamic Union and joining the European Union at the same time. Let's make these two simultaneously. The Europeans are fine people. I like them. French, Germans, and Romanians. You are a Serbian, are you not?

GUEST: I am from Serbia

ADNAN OKTAR: You sweet and beautiful one.. See, we can then  be together with these fine people. For instance those in Serbia.. Let us go and embrace Serbians and Romanians. Let us embrace the Bulgarians, and also the people from Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Great Britain. They are all fine people. Their reactions may be justified. They may be reasons that they have never told us, they may be uneasy because of reasons we never imagined. Why hide it? Why cover it up? Isn't that right? Perfection is what befits us. If there is a problem, let us eliminate it. We do not claim to be free from error. If we have a defect or a mistake, we'll put it right. This scientific research must be performed. Let us tell the government in the form of a petition.

Let us ask at least 4 million people. Let us ask street by street, in the discos, for instance, in churches, and in rich areas and the very poorest ones. Let us ask everywhere. That is very important. Let us obtain information from wherever there are people. I do not like discrimination on the basis of class. There is no such thing as classes. But there are different districts and areas where people live. Let us go those places and learn. That would be very good. Because they may sometimes be reluctant to speak.. For instance, the man may have a reason that makes him angry.. For instance he might say that he keeps thinking of earlier wars and that makes him angry, for example. My brother, we can find a solution to that. That is easy. Sometimes they speak openly. It is important to encourage them to speak freely. Sometimes people may be wary of one another but cannot say why, out of good manners. They may know the reason subconsciously, but not say what it is. Let us learn what is troubling them in their subconscious. And then we can put it right at once, insha'Allah.

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