Science means free thinking; it is very wrong to pressurize scientists

Science means free thinking; it is very wrong to pressurize scientists
(Press conference during ifthar in Çırağan Palace, September 18th, 2008)

REPORTER-INTERPRETER: There is recently strong criticism in United Kingdom of Islamic creationism being included in education. May I learn your views on this? And what do you think of the situation in Turkey?
ADNAN OKTAR: I have long been a supporter of freedom of ideas. The idea of creation is a scholarly, rational and scientific one. It is not a fictitious claim, in other words. There are 100 million fossils in existence. All of these fossils are of such a kind as to prove creation. But they were hidden away. And that is a scandal. A scientific scandal. Many fossils dating back to the Cambrian Period were hidden away in store rooms. This is an accepted fact, not something denied. The fraudulent nature of the skulls has emerged, and this is also admitted. It has been scientifically demonstrated that a protein cannot come into being by chance. And that is admitted. Yet to try to prevent mention of these, to keep them hidden away, in the face of all this is a violation of science. Science means free thinking. It is very, very wrong to pressurize scientists, to implement such a dictatorial system as Darwinism or to behave in such a way as to inflict a Darwinist dictatorship on the world. I think that scientists removed from their posts should be restored to their posts. This is very unattractive. This has also happened in Turkey. Let there be as much freedom of thought as possible, and let Darwinists be free to express all their ideas. And let the proponents of creation exhibit all their scientific evidence.

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