Mr. Adnan Oktar: 'I protect and watch over the persecuted ones, not the tyrants. When the Turkish Islamic Union is formed there will be no atheistic-Zionism left, no one will shed blood.'

Mr. Adnan Oktar: 'I protect and watch over the persecuted ones, not the tyrants. When the Turkish Islamic Union is formed there will be no atheistic-Zionism left, no one will shed blood.'

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated September 12th, 2011 

ADNAN OKTAR: "Depicting Zionism that is causing trouble over the world; that bleeds Muslims dry, as if it is something benevolent does not befit you. Are not the Muslim kids sweet as they are being killed while the Jewish kids are cute? All kids are innocent. That is okay we've got that but why should we be this much tolerant towards the Jewish killers? You are setting a wrong example. Do not do this. Veli Demirsoy," he says. "Depicting Zionism that is causing trouble over the world; that bleeds Muslims dry, as if it is something benevolent does not befit you." I do not depict them as benevolent, what made you think that? I just say that persecution should be stopped. What is it that I have been telling? What does not letting bloodshed mean? Veli, do you not listen to me, you rascal? Look, what does "not a drop of blood would be shed" mean? What does "he will not awake a sleeper" mean? Let it be Zionist, let it be Fascist, let it be communist; we will not let anyone shed blood. Isn't that so? That is it then. [Atheistic] Zionism would be over by then. Atheistic Zionism would be over in what I have said. Do not pretend not to understand this. I am just depicting those who are persecuted as benevolent, not the tyrants. I have explained what will happen to the tyrants. What should be done to the tyrants is of course self-defense. But the power of the Turkish Islamic Union will be very splendid. In such an environment, neither the atheistic Zionist, nor the communist, nor the fascist, nor the PKK, nor this, nor that, nor the scum of the earth could shed blood, they cannot even make the slightest move, they cannot do anything. Consequently the matter would be solved fundamentally, would it not?  Yes it would. "Are not the Muslim kids sweet as they are being killed.." Why should the killing of the Muslim kids be sweet.. Furthermore the Muslim kids are not being killed, they are being martyred. You could not chose the right word in that either. The Muslim kids are being martyred and those who martyr Muslim kids are committing a sin. But it would not be acceptable if we go and attempt to martyr Jewish children because they martyr Muslim children. Isn't that so? Veli, as far as I understand you say that you are going to martyr Jewish children as revenge. May Allah deem you a saintly person as your name suggests, but this does not befit a saintly person. That would be an abnormal opinion. "All children are innocent, that is okay, we've got that.. " That is good, you've got that part right, ".. but why should we be this much tolerant towards the Jewish killers? " Where is it that you are being tolerant? Have you established the Turkish Islamic Union? There may be Jewish killers. But why are you not talking about Christian killers? Did not the Christian killers shed blood like streams in Iraq? Did they not shed blood in Afghanistan? You just get over those. You just are obsessed. I am the one who taught you the evils of atheistic Zionism. They didn't even know the first thing about Zionism before. I have written a book and they've learnt about Judaism and Freemasonry from me. They didn't know anything. I have taught them the symbols and everything. Now these rascals are attempting to advise me with what I have told them. I have been talking about the atheistic Zionist danger. We are broadcasting those in televisions night and day. A9 TV is broadcasting the dangers of the atheistic freemasonry day and night, the danger of atheistic Zionism is being broadcasted. I am explaining those to them and they come up and explain those I have been telling to me.  That is not being tolerant to the killer, there is tolerance to the persecuted ones. Actually that is not tolerance. Do you know what is called tolerance? The man commits a crime and you turn a blind eye to dat. That is not being tolerant. That has nothing to do with being tolerant. That is protecting and watching over. That is compassion. We protect and watch over those who are persecuted. And the killers would be neutralized by the Turkish Islamic Union.  There will be no killers left, they will all be lost, there will be no such issue. That cannot be ensured by saying "damn Zionism". You establish the Unity of Islam, the matter would then be solved and you wouldn't have to tear your throat out. There is no need to scream out like that. You just establish the Unity of Islam, let the Turkish Islamic Union be formed, atheistic Zionism would then be solved fundamentally, there would not be such a thing. I mean all the isms would then be solved fundamentally anyway. That is not solved by making a commotion. According to your explanations the matter is left unsolved. Saying "Damn Zionism". The man would go and smash your face. Iraq was screaming out saying "Damn Zionism" and they raised a cloud of dust on them.  Then they started to sell Marlboro to these soldiers, they started to sell women to the America soldiers, they've started to act like perverts. The same thing happened in Afghanistan, they started to sell cartoons of Marlboro, hashish, those who screamed out saying "Damn Zionism" became the hashish dealers. It does not work by saying Damn Zionism. We need to establish the structure of compassion and mercy that would eliminate this system. That can be done with the Turkish Islamic Union, with the Unity of Islam. My brother, when you have a system that would solve the matter fundamentally, even though you know that you cannot attain results with screaming out from the sidelines, who needs such an attitude? Have I ever said that the killers should be forgiven? The award for the killer is apparent. But if the family wishes so, they might forgive, that is how it is according to Islam. According to the laws of the state, the state might forgive if so wishes, so can the individuals, insha'Allah. 

All children are born upon the Islamic nature. I mean children are Muslims by birth. When little children die they do not go to Hell, they go to the Heaven. That is because they are innocent insha'Allah. That is why if they are murdered, they would be martyred, insha'Allah. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi says this, you can see this in the Risale-i Nur Collection insha'allah. That is because they are innocent. That is a kid born on the Islamic nature, an innocent, a Muslim. They switch to another religion afterwards. Normally when a child is newly born, he is a Muslim. But some people might say "they are unbelievers, you should slaughter them strangle them."

In short we are defending the system of the Mahdi. In the system of the Mahdi there will be no problem that could be named Zionism. There will be no philosophy to be called atheistic Zionism. There will be no fascism, no communism, no PKK. We are just explaining whatever it is the system of the Mahdi is explaining. When the system of the Mahdi comes, compassion and wellbeing will prevail. Massacres will come to an end, blood will come to an end. Look the name of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is the one stopping the bloodshed.  When the bloodshed is stopped, can the atheistic Zionism shed blood then? How could he? How could you not think about this Veli, I fail to understand you. At the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) the matter would be closed fundamentally, insha'Allah.  

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