Adnan Oktar: EU will join the Turkish-Islamic Union

Adnan Oktar: EU will join the Turkish-Islamic Union 
(Abu Dhabi TV, February 19th, 2009)

 REPORTER: Turkey has been working hard for many years. It wants to join the European Union. This has become Turkey's dream. Do you think that dream can come true one day?

ADNAN OKTAR: Of course this dream will come true, but in this way: Turkey will establish the Turkish-Islamic Union, it will be a strong structure, and it will be the world's richest, most powerful, most prosperous and most advanced, in terms of art and science, country in the world. Turkey will be the leader of a great Turkish Union, a great Turkish-Islamic Union. We will admit the EU into our own union. We will admit the EU into the Turkish-Islamic Union. In other words, we will not join the EU. The EU will join the community established by us, insha'Allah.


ADNAN OKTAR: It is very easy. They expect us to be one of their members, but they will become one of ours. Simple as that, and much better. Instead of us being their guest, they will be ours. There is nothing complicated about it.

REPORTER: It has given Turkey a waiting time of 15 years. But you say that the EU will join the Islamic Union. Is that possible?

ADNAN OKTAR: Come and look me up if it doesn't happen in the next 15 years. It will definitely happen, 100%, and you will see it. That is destiny, and it is set out in the hadith. The time has come and, by Allah's leave, nobody can stop it. It will happen, that is 100% certain.

REPORTER: Do you have any evidence of that?

ADNAN OKTAR: Of course. There are very detailed statements by our Prophet (saas) concerning the End Times. In the hadith it is said that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will appear in the End Times and that the Prophet Jesus will return, and all the portents of this have come about. The hadith of our Prophet (saas) known as weak hadith, invalid hadith, have come true and have turned out to be reliable. If a hadith comes true, it must therefore be totally reliable. For example, our Prophet (saas) says there will be two solar eclipses in the month of Ramadan; that happened in 1981 and 1982. He says there will be war between Iran and Iraq in the same period, and he says all these things will happen at around the same time, one after the other like the beads on a necklace. War between Iran and Iraq broke out in October 1980. Our Prophet (saas) says Afghanistan will be occupied, and that happened in 1979. He says the waters of the Euphrates will be stopped, and that happened. Our Prophet (saas) says there will be bloodshed and anarchy in the same place, and that happened. PKK terror is still going on. He says there will be eclipses of the Sun and Moon in Ramadan and in 1981 there was a lunar eclipse on the 15th day of Ramadan and a solar eclipse on the 29th day. In 1982 there was lunar eclipse on 14th day of Ramadan and solar eclipse on the 28th day. These occurred one after the other. A comet appeared in 1986, Halley's comet. An attack on and bloodshed at the Kaaba, that happened in November 1979, with 402 people killed during the slaughter. Our Prophet (saas) informed of this and it came to happen exactly the same way. A sign in the Sun, and there was a great sunburst in 1996, the greatest of the last century. The disappearance of an army. The Iraqi Army vanished in the desert in the Iraq War of 2003. The devastation in flames of Baghdad, and that happened in the Iraq War in 2003. A corruption of smoke and dust, that happened on September 11, 2001. Our Prophet (saas) says that Iraq will be reconstructed. That has happened. He says the Iraqi unit of currency will no longer be valid, and that also happened. Winds and storms, such as Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and Hurricane Ike in 2008. And it is still going on. There are nearly 300 accounts, and they have all come about.

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