Qur'an is the weapon of the system of the Mahdi and superstition is that of the hypocrite

Qur'an is the weapon of the system of the Mahdi and superstition is that of the hypocrite

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated August 14th 2011

ADNAN OKTAR: While such hunchbacked hypocrites are wandering around like mangy foxes causing dissension, you are serving Islam and the Qur'an very nicely. 

ERDEM ERTÜZÜN: Insha'Allah Master, May Allah be pleased with you. 

ADNAN OKTAR: Religious communities should be very alert about the hypocrites because the hypocrites are very dangerous. That is because the hypocrites who founded the masjid al-Dhirar wanted to get hold of the means of our Prophet (saas). They were, may Allah forbid, waiting for the death of our Prophet (saas) and was hoping to get hold his means. These hypocrites are trying to infiltrate into some religious orders and by reporting the guides there or by framing plots, or by playing games or by poisoning them or setting traps for them or by expecting for their death somehow, are waiting like ignoble mangy dogs to get hold of their means. The religious orders should be very careful about this. Such hypocrites always expect disasters to fall upon their sheikhs to make them ineffective someday, somehow. Allah says in the verse; "and they wait (the befalling of) calamities to you; on them (will be) the evil calamity".  What does this mean? The hypocrites will die in agony, insha'Allah. The hypocrite is the creature Allah hates the most, he is the most ignoble creature. They are like snakes, it is very difficult to detect them. They employ all sorts of disguise, they get into all sorts of shapes. They are very tricky, very fickle.
They have the power of infiltrating into all places, all forms. The hypocrite uses superstition against the Qur'an, superstition is their weapon. What is the weapon the system of the Mahdi uses? The Qur'an. Superstition is the weapon of the hypocrite. They give a struggle against the Qur'an with superstitions. For that reason one needs to be very careful and very alert. Bediuzzaman says that they are like satan, that they have the a devilish intelligence he says. He says that they act on a devilish intelligence in order to poison others like a snake. That is why detecting and neutralizing the hypocrites is not for everyone. We should be on the alert, insha'Allah. 

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